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South Africa’s Sun City resort will invest $800 million in a tourism project in Sri Lanka, the head of the island nation’s state-run Tourism Board said on Friday. It will be the largest ever investment in the country’s leisure sector, which is booming since the end of a 25-year war. The investment will be made on Sri Lanka’s hotel city in Katana, a coastal town located 15 km north of Colombo, he said.
Elanza Joubert, Sun City Resort’s deputy inventory manager at events and entertainment department, said in an e-mail response to Reuters questions that the company would not comment on the plan until the new year. The government said in July it was expecting at least $1.5 billion in foreign investment in a proposed “tourist city” that includes four five-star hotels, shopping and a convention centre in Katana. Sri Lanka has seen a remarkable rise in its post-war leisure industry with tourist arrivals expected hit a record 820,000 and revenue to rise to a record $800 million, jumping 25 percent and 39 percent from a year earlier, respectively.
Godahewa also said the Tourism Board is seriously considering security issues after a British tourist was killed last week. In January Sri Lanka signed agreements with Hong Kong-based Shangri La Asia for a $500 million complex with high-end retail facilities, deluxe apartments and a 500-room luxury hotel in Colombo and a 300-room city resort on approximately 100 acres in Hambantota on the southern coast. Goddard technologist Beth Paquette holds a 3-inch-by-3-inch ceramic board with four radiation-hardened digital-to-analog converter chips (in the middle of the board). As detector assemblies get smaller and densera€”packed with electronic components that all must be electrically connected to sense and read out signalsa€”it's becoming increasingly more challenging to design and manufacture these all-important instrument devices.
A team of NASA technologists at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, however, has begun investigating the use of a technique called aerosol jet printing or direct-write manufacturing to produce new detector assemblies that are not possible with traditional assembly processes.

As with other 3-D printing techniques, aerosol jet manufacturing builds components by depositing materials layer-by-layer following a computer-aided design, or CAD, drawing.
Instead of melting and fusing plastic powder or some other material in precise locations, as in the case of many 3-D printers, aerosol jet printing uses a carrier gas and printer heads to deposit a fine aerosol of metal particles, including silver, gold, platinum, or aluminum, onto a surface.
This image shows a flat liquid crystal polymer (LCP) strip containing gold traces or wires that were printed with a technique called aerosol jet printing.
These attributes make the technology ideal for detector assemblies, particularly those that need to be shaped differently or are very small, yet dense because of the large number of tiny components that must be electrically wired or linked together on a circuit boarda€”an inescapable reality as instruments get smaller and smaller. Paquette's research involves NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the University of Maryland's Laboratory for Physical Sciences, the University of Delaware, Georgia Tech, and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.
So far, the team has found that the technology holds promise, and is now evaluating the technique's repeatability and robustness particularly for a spaceflight application.
Apple and Android smartwatches are getting better as their makers sand off the rough edges that have frustrated many early adopters.
Weak coal and gas prices will not stop record investment in renewables over the coming decades as the cost of generating clean energy drops, a key energy report said Monday. A test pilot successfully flew a solar-powered prototype aircraft on Friday for a company that envisions manufacturing a fleet of drones to provide aerial internet service for an estimated 4 billion people worldwide.
Auto giants are racing to invest in car- and ride-sharing services, lured by the prospect of fat profits yet to be tapped from a billion cars on the world's roads.
Apple said Monday it was opening up its Siri digital assistant to outside applications, stepping up its artificial intelligence efforts to compete against rival services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

This beautiful 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment has been decorated and furnished to a high standard throughout. So the expectation is to hit $1 billion revenue and perhaps 950,000 arrivals,” Godahewa said. Furthermore, aerosol jet printing promises to slash the time it takes to manufacture circuit boards, from a month to a day or two, she added.
Aerosol jet printers also can deposit polymers or other insulators and can even print carbon nanotubes, cylindrically shaped carbon molecules that have novel properties useful in nanotechnology, electronics, and optics. Technologist Wes Powell, who specializes in electronics at Goddard, envisions a time where instrument developers could use aerosol jet technology to print antennas, wiring harnesses, and other hardware directly onto a spacecraft. Now, researchers have developed a new method that uses plasma to print nanomaterials onto a 3-D object or flexible surface, such as paper or cloth.
The apartment is very spacious, with a fully fitted kitchenette, lounge area which walks out on to a good size balcony.
The bathroom is also a good size bathroom with bath, shower, bidet and sink with storage cupboards.

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