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XBMC Media Center is a free and open source (GPL) digital media hub and HTPC (Home theater PC) software, available for Linux, OSX, iOS and Windows. XBMC 11 "Eden" has been released recently and comes with speed increases, better and simpler library, better unencrypted BluRay support, default skin improvements, better networking support, AirPlay support, upgraded weather service with geoip lookup and much more.
There's also an XBMC ISO based on Ubuntu called XBMCbuntu which is built upon a full LXDE desktop environment, so when you exit XBMC, you'll get an Ubuntu-based LXDE desktop with applications such as Chromium, Synaptic or a file manager. For other Linux distributions, Mac OSX, Apple TV, iOS, Windows or XBMCbuntu, see the XBMC Media Center download page. See how you can install SportsDevil the XBMC addon which allows you to watch live streaming of sports in addition to other perks it has. Important note for repository users: in previous updates, the server got overloaded causing many issues for site visitors and repository users altogether.
Report the issue in the comments section or via one of the social networks or email me directly. Direct download is already available, please allow up to 48 hours for the repository to synchronize. Important!  please read next page troubleshooting section in case you have any questions regarding the addon.
In another post published last week, there’s an explanation on how to watch FIFA world cup games via XBMC. That post includes a quick guide on how to also install SportsDevil addon, yet it is far from being complete or exhaustive.

This post will try to be a complete, short and simple tutorial on the subject, including installation on versions 12 and up, and also on TV media centers machines that has no built-in web browser. That’s it, this repository will supply you with the latest SportsDevil version, so all the latest features will always be at your disposal.
Oh you meant the media-center installation, In that case, I believe, after installing the repo, simply restart XBMC and then continue where you left off.. I wasn’t, but if I select it (click) it automatically opens up showing the sub-folders.
Hi, I am tearing my hair out right now, I have recently downloaded XBMC for windows for my lap top, I have downloaded Sports Devil and like some others on this forum I cant seem to open the damn file, sorry!!!…. Hi, I’ve just added a troubleshooting section which will help you overcome the issues you’re having, please read carefully!
Can you send me an error log, preferably, either by email (found on the ABOUT page) or by using iWillFolo’s FORUMS please.
I left it sitting at 0% and went and did some other stuff and when I came back it had installed. I have installed this now and was just wondering if this add on basically just crawls websites for video or wether this one has any kind of torrenting protocol or whatever? I followed above instruction got as far as the folder being there but dsnt go to add ons so cant install. If you aren’t using the repository, feel free to re-download and reinstall by following the updated guide above.

The less common options revolve around you being behind a proxy, vpn, or some sort of other surf limiting connection – in that case, I can see why you get a blank directory.
It should be resolved automatically for you, but you’ll probably need to get the broken package completely out of your system first.
Well then, it seems you’ll have to delete the broken package manually (through the fire stick file manager) and then try to reinstall.
I did set up the IWF folder, I’ve got it enabled, I can see the streams, but when I click on anything that should lead to a video it says stream not found.
To login to XBMCbuntu, use "xbmc" for the username, don't enter anything for the password and just click "login". Current iwf repository users please reinstall the repository (version 0.5) to get the latest update. If it doesn’t get automatically updated for you, please uninstall and then reinstall. I know there has been a recent update (9-15) I am running it off the iwillfolo add on a firestick , will it automatically update or do I need to reinstall as a zip file? Fresh download of SD followed all steps and I get to install button and it acts like it will work but it doesnt enable the addon.

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