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Our book shows you ways to help your loved ones support your journey towards positive self-worth.
We are emotional beings, and when our needs aren’t being met, we need to find ways to combat that. Only you can help yourself, but the people around you can help as well – with their support. Here are five ways to alter your self-talk script and to use your inner voices to help make good on your goals, gain confidence, and perform better.1.

Listen Critically to Your Inner CriticIn high-pressure situations self-talk is often relentless and critical, says Ethan Kross, PhD, the laboratory director of the Emotion & Self-Control Lab at the University of Michigan. When your inner voices start running amok with words of disdain and discouragement, pause the conversation as you consider ways to change it.2. Fit Your Conversation to Your GoalYou are talking to yourself, so consider where you ultimately want to go.
Treat Yourself as a FriendDemeaning, disparaging, or negative self-talk is only going to amp up your stress and hold you back.

Instead, speak compassionately to yourself—just as you would to a friend.Rescript negative messages to include a positive spin.
Say, “I Don’t,” instead of “I Can’t”Several experiments by Vanessa Patrick, a professor of marketing at the University of Houston, found that people using the phrase “I don’t” to resist temptation fared better for longer than those who said “I can’t.” Saying “I can’t” communicates limitation or constraint.

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