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Integrating a CRM plugin in your WordPress site proves an effective way to understand your customers, and allows interacting with them throughout your project’s lifecycle.
Salesforce, recognized as the leading CRM solutions provider is used by businesses worldwide, as it gives them the ability to connect to their customers with the help of latest and advanced technology in the cloud, mobile and other key areas. Basically, the plugin enables you to get the ability to collect leads via their WordPress site and feed them directly to the Salesforce CRM.
WordPress comes with built-in user management functions, however, using the WP-CRM plugin can help expand on that functionality.
WP-CRM includes everything that is needed for managing not just your website customers, but also helps manage vendors, affiliates, etc. The plugin also help performs actions such as filtering and editing your form’s submission from within your WP admin area. If you’re looking out for a valuable CRM solution that scales with your business growth and is client-centric, then you should consider using the vCita CRM to achieve such a need. This plugin plays a crucial role in compelling users to take actions on your website, such as scheduling an appointment, sending a message, uploading documents and so on, regardless of the device. In essence, the WordPress leads plugin help to gather information about your clients that can help you take measures in capturing more leads, and close sales.

One great benefit that this CRM offers is that it gives you the flexibility to send your lead data into any 3rd party CRM of your choice. With Presspoint CRM, you don’t have to worry about accessing data scattered across multiple databases. Samuel Dawson is a constructive head at designs2html Ltd where his responsibility is just to convert html to wordpress website because he is master in this area.
Thanks to the WordPress-to-lead plugin, you can integrate your WordPress install with your Salesforce account. With it, you can create new sales opportunities and track all your users interactions along with your team. The plugin helps in collecting crucial lead information, which includes leads geographical location, most viewed pages on your site, what interests your leads, viewing comments made by visitors on your blog and much more. Furthermore, it is a lightweight CRM that is worth considering, if you don’t require using all the advanced features of complicated CRM such as Salesforce.
Although, this plugin incurs almost the same cost as Salesforce or Zoho CRM solutions, however, it easily integrates with any WordPress site in just two clicks. It helps in creating integrated profiles for each client, and renders opportunities to let you manage sales from your qualifying leads and close of sale.

Customer Relationship Management) is an excellent tool that helps in running a business successfully. However, you can overcome such problem by using WordPress as your CRM platform using the above mentioned plugins. But most importantly, using WordPress as a CRM platform plays a crucial role in improving sales that are generated by the leads captured through WordPress.
Using the WP-CRM plugin, you can add contacts manually or can use a lead generation form for capturing the contacts automatically on your website. The best part about vCita CRM is that help in saving time by allowing you to communicate with your clients automatically. Of course, you can CRM tools such as Salesforce and others to keep track of critical business information such as contacts, lead information, certain users preferences, etc.
Below is a list of some of the best WordPress CRM plugins that when used on your WordPress site, will help address your business needs in a highly efficient and effective manner.

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