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Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E Tanzi, PhD are renowned experts in their fields and are co-authors of the bestselling book “Super Brain” in which they claim that the brain is capable of healing and reshaping. The Preface titled Good Genes, Bad Genes, and Super Genes starts off by describing what genes are and how they regulate the mind-body system. Overall “Super Genes” by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E Tanzi, MD is full of useful information surrounding genes and how the body responds to outside stimuli and lifestyle choices.

Sandra CruzBooks ExaminerSandra Cruz has Associates Degrees in Fine Arts and Computer Information Systems from the University of Texas-Brownsville and has had her poetry published in the International Library of Poetry. Richard Simmons is not transitioning into a female, he just wants privacySince Richard Simmons remains hidden away inside his house, many rumors are circulating on why he no longer appears in public.
After the fallout of "bro-country" and Salad Gate, more and more talented females being given a fair shake at radio and beyond.

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