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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 4 million readers.
Perhaps the best thing I ever did for my writing career was find an outlet through which I could express myself: blogging.
To overcome this fear, find an accountability partner: a spouse, sibling, coworker, or loved one—anyone who’s willing to help for 60 seconds a day. Also, if you’re interested, I teach an online writing class, How to Write Better (syllabus and details), where I’ve taught hundreds of students how to improve their writing (testimonials).

As featured on: ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, TODAY, NPR, TIME, Forbes, The Atlantic, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and National Post. Then, report to your partner each day via email, and include: a) how long you sat in the chair, b) what topic you wrote about, and c) why it was a good or bad day for your writing.
So forget word count or page count, and don’t worry about creating the perfect writing space—focus instead on sitting in the chair distraction-free, writing for at least an hour a day. It’s such an inexpensive and effective way to communicate with, and add value to, other people.

It takes less than a minute to send this email, and the benefits are disproportionately positive. Instead, I spent time passively parked in front of glowing screens: watching TV, perusing Facebook, checking email.

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