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From customer care to diversity to transparency, your company should stand for certain values and deliver them!
It’s vital to relay the specifics of a job opportunity so that expectations are clear from day-one.
As job applications begin to stream in, start screening resumes and cover letters for all vital elements. There’s no way to hire “right” without hiring policies, procedures, forms and record-keeping in place and inline with current employment legislation. Desperate times call for desperate measures—that’s the best explanation for the huge amount of fraud seen in the job applicant process these days. While in the interview mode, small business owners frequently gloss over the so-called soft skills such as resourcefulness, flexibility, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and attitude.
If the position you are hiring for is extremely multifaceted, you may be searching for a purple squirrel; something you’re not likely to find in nature or in the job market.
Whether you’re charmed by the handsome, high-energy extrovert, touched by the hard luck story of a struggling single mom or guilted by a co-worker or family member, never hire someone for the wrong reasons — there can be serious consequences to making emotional rather than reasoned decisions. According to research done by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), a hiring mistake can cost a company up to five times an employee’s annual salary, depending on the position and the amount of time in that position.
Gail Tolstoi-MillerCEOGail Tolstoi-Miller, a graduate of NYU, has worked in the recruiting field for more than 15 years.
Having worked in-house and been a former job hopper and now having an outside (consulting) perspective, I have some ideas on how this whole marketing thing can work better for professional services firms. After all, the high cost and low morale associated with even one bad hire can be a major burden on a small organization.

Before building your staff, determine the powerful forces that represent your company’s current and future direction.
Whittle down the field further and then prescreen the most appropriate candidates via telephone or Skype.
It’s also advisable to retain an attorney who can help you comply with the ever-changing landscape of labor law. Remember, skills can be learned, technology can be taught, but personal attributes are ingrained and a huge indicator of job success.
By projecting the future growth and direction of your firm, you can determine what your needs may be down the road.
Reduce the risks and expenses associated with small business hiring mistakes by having a plan, a purpose and a process in place. She serves dual CEO roles at Consultnetworx, a consulting firm and Speednetworx, a B2B speed networking event company. Considering the fact that 46% of all small business new hires fail, those responsible for staffing the ranks face long odds. Once understood and communicated, these values should be infused into all aspects of your business—especially hiring. Levitt, author and University of Chicago professor, cites research suggesting that more than 50% of people lie on their resumes.
Proactively building a pipeline of competent candidates is the best way to prepare for your growing staff.
Prioritize the experience and skill set you require for the new hire and focus on the must-haves.

If you are spread thin and need to concentrate your efforts on other projects, consider outsourcing some of the recruiting functions to a staffing agency or a temporary contract recruiter for expert talent placement. Here is some advice to ensure that you hire the right employees so that your business can operate successfully. Doing so will allow you to build teams and a culture that are aligned with your firm’s core ideals.
You’ll learn a lot by exploring a candidate’s past performance and you can use this information as a gauge of how they might handle the job they are interviewing for. Although you can’t check the validity of every statement and talking point, you should always verify credentials and check criminal records.
Keep in mind that your best candidates can be trained in many of the skills required for a role but soft skills can’t be taught.
Express the firm’s core values and brand promises upfront so that applicants have a clear picture of the organization. It’s also wise to have other key decision-makers or top peer associates involved in final interviews. Be sure everyone involved in the interview process is appropriately prepared for the responsibility.

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