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JOINING THE SA FORUMS WILL REMOVE THIS BIG AD, THE ANNOYING UNDERLINED ADS, AND STUPID INTERSTITIAL ADS!!! Yeah I wonder why anyone on the left would support restricting firearms when you have greater oligarchic control being pushed on our society. America is a well armed society but doesn't seem to have much trouble maintaining a large class divide and massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of the elite in spite of that, the idea that a well armed populace will eventually rise up against Corporate taskmasters is usually wishful thinking, in any event people with the money and power will also usually have more and better weapons. What's not benign (what's extremely harmful, in fact) is something you didn't mention--business power, which is highly concentrated and, by now, largely transnational. On a lighter note, I came across this exhibit of American political buildings rendered in Legos at Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday.
Even if you're posting brony bullshit ironically in this thread you deserve to be probated.
Sorry bruh I GIS'd the romney obama brony pic from the first page and found a repository of dank libertarian brony memes. This discussion is always asinine because when something as complex as a society breaks, it tends to break in ways we can't predict. Of course, those force multipliers are tuned for symmetrical warfare, and rely on long, complex logistic chains, almost certainly disrupted in the event of a domestic uprising.
Now, consider the possibility that your violent revolution provokes a nuclear response- contrary to how Chomsky understands it, this doesn't demonstrate the hopelessness of violent struggle- it means your insurgency has already been massively successful in coercing the state. I also find it interesting how he denigrates brutality, ruthlessness and destruction, as though history didn't bare those out as essential to successful revolutions.
I think a more topical question for Chomsky would be: should leftists and minorities arm themselves against reactionaries, either individually or en masse, or should they rely on the largesse of the state. I feel like this is a good article to look at for anyone who is interested in the logistics of revolutionary and guerrila warfare. Right, Chomsky's thing about the government having superior force (which as he would say, is a completely standard liberal position) doesn't really apply to the threat from white militias.

You know if the left wants power from more conventional means, I say our goal should be to get hem to rise up. Like the smiling reporter in front of the drainage pipes where Ghadaffi was found or the woman brandishing an AK-74 and wearing a Keffiyeh. For ages, the communists were the only ones that wanted to grant independence to the Dutch East-Indies, this poster is from 1929. I'd try something like this to teach them a lesson but they'd probably just end up shooting me. In your estate planning through your will, you set forth who gets your stuff, called your beneficiary. Just an FYI: you can leave an unlimited amount to your spouse or partner (in most states, such as Kansas) without incurring any estate taxes.
A financial power of attorney is a document that allows another person to act in your behalf (that is, serve as your legal representative) for any business, legal or other financial matter (everything except for medical reasons – see Power of Attorney for Healthcare below).  This document is extremely powerful because any action that someone else does on your behalf pursuant to the Power of Attorney is the same as if you did it yourself. When you create this document, you are known as the principal, donor or grantor.  The person that you authorize to act on your behalf is the agent. When thinking about your estate plan needs, we recommend that you take time to determine who you want to act on your behalf as your agent through a Power of Attorney.  Remember, once it is effective, that person could clear out your bank account and you would have no recourse against them. Like a Financial Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney could either be granted immediately or be a springing power of attorney.  Finally, a healthcare proxy is generally drafted in conjunction with any advance directives or living will that you create. Revocable Trusts have a lot of other estate planning advantages as well.  Their flexibility is a huge advantage.
Trusts are also useful tools for estate tax planning; we use them all the times as a key building block to reduce estate taxes. Really, estate planning in Leawood is all about creating an integrated set of solutions that deals with your most important things in your life.
If you cannot make healthcare decisions for yourself, whom do you want making medical decisions for you?

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The Luddites had many veterans of the Napoleonic wars with them, which spurred the British government to introduce the wonderful measure of restricting gun ownership in order to keep the great unwashed from toppling them. The success or failure of such an uprising can't be measured in conventional terms (hoisting the red and black flag over the Whitehouse).
The poster calls for the liberation of the colonies, but only to reinstate the pre-war situation. Get rid of this crap by registering your own SA Forums Account and joining roughly 150,000 Goons, for the one-time price of $9.95! On the other hand, it's at least partially accountable, and it can become as benign as we make it. So while one can recognize the motivation that lies behind some of the opposition to gun control, I think it's sadly misguided. Instead, like every other successful insurgency, it would aim to weaken the actual or perceived authority of the state and extract concessions from it (I wish there was a pithy way to sum up how violent conflict is sometimes a continuation of political struggles). We charge money because it costs us $3,400 per month for bandwidth bills alone, and since we don't believe in shoving popup ads to our registered users, we try to make the money back through forum registrations. Information provided by or cited to third parties does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Eastman Law Firm or any of its attorneys or clients. There's no way to deal with these issues by violent force, even if you think that that's morally legitimate.

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