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The tips about how to get more Facebook likes I shared in my Facebook have netted over 1,000 comments in the past year. If you want to build a powerful community with plenty of real engaged fans there are a few core things you should focus on. Here are five of the most important tips you should to keep in mind for sure fire success in building your fan base and getting plenty of likes.
High quality content can serve the double purpose of both getting you new fans and keeping the fans you already have happy and engaged. Help your community with quality content for free and when you make an offer for a product or service you will actually get results because you will have proven you’re the real deal. Use your discretion, not all if your friends will be a good fit for your page…but it never hurt to ask.

Send short messages asking your friends to join you in your professional page and give them an idea of what kind of content they should expect. Taking a few quick minutes to send personalized inbox messages asking people to join your page can yield great results over time. The Facebook Like box has gotten me thousands of free fans for various pages I have developed over the past several years. Installing this plugin into your site is easy: simply copy and paste the code into a the sidebar of your site.
Getting people to visit your website and your Like box is another challenge so here are 101 traffic tips I wrote to help you out if getting website visitors is your focus.
Build links to your Facebook page everywhere and include calls to action for people to join your Facebook page in all of your marketing materials.

Of course the five tips above are just the tip of the iceberg when if comes to building your Facebook fan base.
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