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Taylor Swift gave a very powerful speech after winning her 2nd Album of the Year award at the Grammys and left us wondering if parts of it may have been aimed towards Kanye West.
Bauer Radio, 3 South Avenue, Clydebank Business Park, Clydebank, G81 2RX.Registered in Scotland company number SC131754. That's a pretty impressive resume for a teen that took to YouTube simply because she thought it was fun to shoot and edit videos. Mota believes that interacting with and engaging fans is a very important key to success.
In "The Biggest Secret in the Music Industry," Boy in the Band explains that a high number of Billboard number-one smash hits have all come from the same Swedish producer: Max Martin.
The 19-year-old first took to YouTube about five years ago with a series of style videos and DIY projects that inspired a nation of tween girls.

Mota recently did an interview with Adweek and in it she divulged what she believes has been her key to success thus far.
She also has to be passionate about what she's doing because that kind of energy comes through loud and clear and can be infectious. Flash-forward a few years and Mota is now one of the most successful vloggers ever and it's something that she already has managed to build an empire on. It's a big task, and it can feel like a chore if you go in with the intention of wanting to be successful. Perhaps it does seem like ABC has been spending Monday night's in the ballroom for as long as fans can remember. She has already partnered with Forever 21, JC Penney and has an exclusive clothing line at Aeropostale.

Even if you just have five subscribers, you just have to focus on the audience you do have and creating good content for them. In case all of that doesn't keep the stunning teen busy enough, she is currently partnered with Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars.

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