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As you may know, Facebook Messenger for Android is a faster way to get and send text messages. If you’re using Facebook Messenger on your Android for texting, then you might also want to know how to add emoticons as well as stickers to your text. OnePlus is always been ready to include some of the unique and abstract wallpaper on their smartphones.
Here, we’ll show you how to access these stickers, as well as the complete gallery of all the free stickers available for Facebook Chat.

Open a private message, then click on the smiley face emoticon in the bottom right hand corner to access the stickers. For now, sticker packs are completely free, but because they’re in a store, future stickers might not be free.
You can text friends or groups of friends, keep chatting, even while you are using other apps (need to enable Chat Head from Notification Setting menu) and more. The implementation of chat emoticons on messages lets you express your emotions without any language barrier.

Stickers are available using the traditional website, as well as Facebook for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Facebook Messenger has lot of emoticons and sticker that you can use to give some generic, sometimes very helpful emotional flavor to your brief text messages.

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