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In response to that, I’ve had a lot of questions from newbie homeschoolers saying that the above answer doesn’t really help them out any!
Focus on the Family has a wonderful Homeschooling Article to help you get things in perspective before you start. Teaching Styles: There are several different teaching styles you can read more about online. Curriculum Reviews: One good place to start is Homeschool Reviews, here you can search for curriculum and read tons of reviews from people who have already tried it.
BJU Press – BJU is another fairly traditional curriculum, but with a slight bent towards the Charlotte Mason approach.
Math U See: Good math program with colorful blocks to aid in the visualization of math concepts.
For legal information visit HSLDA to find out about homeschooling requirements in your state.
I’m sure there are tons more, if you know of a great site, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!
My Setup: I think that the workbox system is really the way to go if you have multiple children at different levels, its been a LIFESAVER for us over here!
The workbox system: Really I can’t say enough about this system, especially when teaching multiple children! Schooling multiple levels: I think that for multi-level teaching unit studies are a good way to go, we do this type of thing for History and Bible study.
My Style: One thing I finally figured out after 4 years, is that MY teaching style (meaning what I’m most comfortable with) is just as important as my kids learning styles (with the exception of special needs children)!
We have been homeschooling just shy of a year and it's always good to read a how to- just to keep you grounded. LOIS: thanks for the comments on TOG, I have several friends using it, and I know they like it a lot. I tried clicking on the workbox link in this article and it said it couldn't be found. I just love this workbox idea, and our family is beginning the homeschooling process with our oldest that turns 5 in June. I am interested in knowing if you do your own curriculum in addition to another one like A Beka? But before I go on, please realize I am by no means a homeschooling guru, more like a crazy lady with a camera, okay? So, with that said, I thought I’d do my best to at least give you a starting place so that you can naturally shift towards what works for you!
Pray for wisdom and direction, for what God has in mind for your homeschool and for your children. Don’t forget to visit some of the links on their sidebar, they have information on planning, curriculum, High School and help for single parents.
There are several opportunities for discussion with their reading which I love, and many fun activities to go along with each lesson.

Actually, just look on my left sidebar scroll down a bit and I list all my favorite websites and blogs! I got the workboxes set up, figured out curriculum, then went through and filled out my spreadsheet so I was ahead of the game. Basically that means that I’m teaching everyone the same thing at the same time for those 2 subjects, but they may have different expectations for any work involved.
If I’m happy and excited about what I’m teaching, they tend to receive it much better!
Take it with a grain of salt, because after a couple years in you will probably have your own opinions to share! As a new homeschooling momma, I really do appreciate you taking the time to write all this out. We used it 2+ years and only stopped when I was in middl of a twin pregnancy and I couldn't chase the books anymore. Everyone mentioned a learning curve for the teacher, but once they figured it all out, they love it!Thanks for sharing!
This is my 1st year of HS and im scared to death that I will somehow miss this up and my DD will learn nothing!
My question is I have a 9 year old and will be starting 4th grade homeschooling, but then I have a 3 year old that I will start preschooling as well. My question for you is, when teaching letter of the week with preschoolers, do you go in ABC order?
I am a former teacher (mostly 4th grade) with special ed certification….however, I am excited and overwhelmed!!!! We’ve been debating and praying over the idea of homeschooling for a few months now and I have to admit I was overwhelmed and scared to death at the idea of teaching my son (and any future children). We will be pulling our 7 yr old out of public school this fall to homeschool him and start our 3 yr old twins with a preschool curriculum. All of the subject themes correlate well with each other as well, so it’s a nice all around unit study. Schedule: They give you a list of what to accomplish in a week and you organize how and what you want to do.
I find our group very helpful as well as encouraging on days when things aren’t going quite as planned! Search for what you’re looking for, someone out there will have ideas and suggestions to get you started!
For everything else I really try to stay on grade-level with my children as I believe there are some skills can’t be blended in like that. It's kind of a juggling act, but I organize my boxes so that only one of my kids needs my help at one time.
So like if they know a,e,i,o,u sounds then you teach them B, you can teach ba, be, bi, bo, bu.
But, after spending some time on your blog, reading your posts and purchasing your Letter of the Week Curriculum, I am really excited and confident that I can do this.

They do a fabulous job of teaching spelling and phonics rules and I’ve noticed a marked improvement int he reading and writing of my kids after starting this curriculum!
This means it is very labor intensive on your part, not necessarily something I’d recommend right out of the chute. While this may be good in classroom settings, it is very hard to spend 2 hours a day per student on math. I’ve heard some reviews on this saying that students were behind in math later when transferring to a public school, so you may want to research that for yourself. They also provide opportunities for co-op’s and other fun activities for your children such as geography & science fairs, spelling bees, presentation days, holiday parties and more! I do find it very good if u r hmeschooling older UG, Dialectic (middle school) and HS kids. How do you get one to work on a project and then teach the other without interruptions from the first? So for example in box 1 I'll do math for my 2nd grader, and handwriting for my kinder. Once they get that beginning blends concept down, you can add on ending consonants to make easy CVC words: bat, bed, big, bop, bug.
Just wanted to let you know that I am SO happy that you share so much quality information here. I’m slowly learning how to sift through the lessons so I can teach what is important without driving myself crazy. This program is great for those struggling in math, the instructors present the material very well.
I think as we go through a curriculum, if something’s just not working, then I search for other options. I have purchased your letter of the week curriculum and thank you for your hard work and for sharing!!!!
I just purchased the Letter of the Week Curriculum and look forward to putting it all together for my boys!! As you go through a curriculum, if something’s just not working, just search for other options until you find what works best for you and your child.
The other option would be to start your older one first while the younger is playing with the baby.
Do the 1-on-1 teaching for your older one, then send them to do their work while you start with the younger.

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