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Find out which words are retweeted most, what time of day is best to post, which hashtags to add to your tweets—and how to figure out if your new tricks of social media are working. According to Twitter, there are 255 million active Twitter users generating more than 500 million tweets per day. Twitter users follow a median of six brands on Twitter, looking for things like interesting and fun content, news and updates, discounts and promos and more. 60% of respondents say they’ve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter.
Here are some great, conversational examples from Twitter’s downloadable #MtgKickstart resource.
Of course your own content, written in your brand’s voice, is the main idea to focus on for Twitter success.
So if you want a little help with that amplification potential, here’s a look at a few different studies on words and phrases that are most likely to help content spread. Ripenn looked at the most viral words and phrases on four sites that focus specifically on viral content, including Upworthy and ViralNova. Specific to retweets, social media scientist Dan Zarrella of Hubspot compared common words and phrases in tweets and retweets to isolate words that occur in retweets more than they occur in normal tweets.
Zarrella also found that tweets that contained more adverbs and verbs have a higher click-through rate than tweets with more nouns and adjectives. This formatting can help set off content and signify that it’s something special that your followers will want to read and share. Consider creating a hashtag that is short, recognizable by followers, and allows them to easily follow along. But when you use more than two hashtags, your engagement actually drops by an average of 17%. This research makes sense when you consider how we use Twitter—a tweet at this length is long enough for the original poster to say something of value but still short enough for the person retweeting to add their commentary as well. Late last year Buffer took a sample of 100 tweets from our own account and compared the engagement averages of tweets with and without images included using Buffer’s built-in analytics. Lead Generation Card: These cards (which require you to add a few lines of code to your website) make it easy for potential customers to demonstrate interest in your business. Every business and audience is different, so it’s best to test multiple days of the week to see what works for you. A study by Salesforce discovered that Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays, but that only 19% of all brand tweets are published on weekends. For those working with business-to-business brands, you may want to stick with weekdays or start with a smaller experiment on weekends.
There is a 30% greater engagement rate when tweets are published during the day (between 8AM-7PM).

Specifically, the afternoon and early evening tend to be good time to see more engagement and clicks. Although some of the advice is conflicting, it all stays in the afternoon to early evening range, which may be worth a test for your brand. While all these different timing findings for different users can get complicated, the main idea is to put yourself in your followers’ shoes and consider the patterns of your own audience. If you want to know something a little more specific to your audience, you can also try a tool like Tweriod, SocialBro or Followerwonk that analyzes your account and gives you some key times to shoot for. You’ll come across businesses that tweet 2 times per day and others that post 20 times per day. Track Social studied 100 well-known brands that are active on Twitter and found that as brands tweet more, the total number of Retweets increases.
The more you tweet, the more opportunities you have to engage with fans, and the more total response you will receive. Twitter often gets asked what small businesses should be tweeting about, so they put together a few content themes to help get the words flowing in this handy downloadable content calendar.
On Wednesday: Create a regular series of tweets that are informative or surprising such as tips. You can test different headlines, days and times, types of media and more to isolate what resonates most with your followers. For example, we test timing at Buffer by taking one piece of content and choosing 3-4 different times to test it on the same day. The following day, check your analytics and see how the tweets compare for clicks, favorites and retweets. Link clicks are by far the biggest way users interact with content, accounting for 92% of all user interaction with tweets. In fact, 78% of user engagement with a brand’s tweets is in the form of retweets, according to Salesforce research.
From that research, he pulled out this list of the top 20 words and phrases most likely to get retweeted. So the general rule that action words make for stronger, more compelling writing is also true for tweets. So make sure you’re choosing your hashtags carefully and focusing on the ones where you can add the most value for Twitter users.
Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate, according to Salesforce. Equip your marketing arsenal with rich media like photos and Vine or YouTube videos to drive retweets—it can double engagement with users. Tweets with images received 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

When someone expands a tweet that contains a Lead Generation Card, they will see a description of your offer.
If your brand speaks directly to consumers, Saturdays and Sundays may have a higher engagement rate as that is when most people are not at work and therefore have more free time. Weekend engagement rates are particularly high for sports brands, fashion, entertainment and publishing brands. An Argyle Social study says that weekdays provide 14% more engagement than weekends for B2B.
This makes sense if you consider the majority of news, store hours and activities happen during the day. These folks are very likely to be on Twitter during their commute as well as during school or work hours. They also tend to follow more brands and they’re 53% more likely to recall seeing an ad on Twitter than the average Twitter user. Twitter is a high volume channel, and it helps to Tweet enough to get noticed in the stream. If you’re a small business owner with a million things to do, you might be better off trying for 4-5 tweets per day to make the most of the time you do have.
Social media scientist Dan Zarrella found that the higher the number of links an account tweets in a given timeframe, the lower the click-through rate on each individual link. Tweet an online offer code or a secret word for customers to use when they visit your business. At Buffer, we test headline variations by tweeting out the article 3 or so times throughout a day with a different title each time. If you have a brick and mortar location, tweet a discount code for customers to redeem at the register. If you have the time and the content to post more often, tweeting regularly helps you establish yourself as an authority on Twitter. It works best to keep the posts simple tweets with a headline plus a link each time (interspersed each time with other types of posts that are perhaps more conversational in tone). Repeat this process as your content changes and you get more followers to make sure you’re always tweeting at the most optimal times. We track the results in Buffer analytics to see which headline performed best in terms of clicks, shares, and favorites. For online stores, direct message followers with a discount code that you can track at checkout.

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