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Great little presentation providing information for almost all levels of users from beginners to experienced, with topics including: map navigation tips and tricks, keyboard shortcuts, customization, magnifier window, creating symbols, modifying existing symbols, working with map layers, layer files, python scripting and much more. Many of the shortcuts they mention in the presentation can also be found in this helpful summary document. Recently, someone contacted me looking for information on where they could find topographic map data for the Thunder Bay area, so I assumed that they must have already checked the Canadian data page, so suggested that they check out the Ontario Basic Mapping web site (OBM).

The Ontario Basic Mapping (OBM) site by the Geography Network is a great online resource with simplistic interactive interface that provides users tools to create customized map views and the ability to download various topographic base mapping data for the entire Province of Ontario. Today I have included more information about the OBM including a video on how to download free topographic data from the site. The province of Prince Edward Island continues to do a great job at making their aerial photography available to the public and this interactive map tool is your key to finding aerial photography for anywhere in Prince Edward island that you can then use with ArcMap, MapInfo, Google Earth or any other GIS based software as well as other non GIS uses.

The site contains GIS layers created from 1:10,000 base maps from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that people can download including layers for transportation, water, municipal, elevation, parks and conservation areas.

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