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As it stands (or sh*ts), such aromatic dissuasion was never going to stop us from providing you guys with a list of awesome hotties for you to enjoy. In honour of World Smile Day, and in partnership with Celcom, we've got ten of the hottest smiles on Instagram for you this week. Influential influencers influenced a butt load of people to converge in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in December and here are the winners. If you watched the season premiere of TLC’s Gypsy Sisters then you saw the bombshell revelation that Mellie’s getting married!
Mellie is the self-described black sheep of the Stanley family, and she is clearly comfortable eschewing some of the traditional gypsy taboos (like stripping), but will she abandon their history of lavish blinged out matrimonial attire?
Mellie’s wedding dress is the fashion equivalent of her colorful and sometimes animalistic personality with its bejeweled leopard print bodice, towering tiara, and miles and miles and miles of hot, hot, hot pink ruffles!

I would say the end result is the perfect marriage between all three of those designs, plus a few scoops of bling of course.
Something I didn’t notice until I saw the video clip are the cutouts on either side of the bodice! Although Mellie is clearly the belle of her wedding ball, her wedding party also brought the KAPOW!
Say what you will about Nettie, Kayla, Laura and their in-your-face personalities, but I can’t imagine a hater out there saying they don’t know how to pack a dress! For those wanting actual details about Mellie Stanley’s wedding, it took place at the Historic Jordan Springs Event and Cultural Centre in Jordan Springs, Virginia on November 4, 2012.
MUG SHOT Nathan Griffith arrested for drunken disorderly conduct, obscene languageTeen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith continues to have his troubles with the law even after his split from Jenelle Evans as he was arrested Saturday in Myrtle Beach and slapped with a series of charges that include drunken disorderly conduct and profane language.

5th season of Nashville is coming to CMTWhen ABC cancelled the show Nashville after ratings sagged in the 4th season, the devoted hard-core fan base of the show cried out for more.
Check out this video clip from TLC in which Mellie sees the dress and tries it on for the first time!

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