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If you are an Instagram user, you are most probably familiar with the ‘Explore tab’ also called The Popular page.
To conclude on how to get on the popular page, you must take into consideration the means to get more likes on your photo. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Some of the prettiest looking Instagram’s have a cohesive filter throughout the profile. Adding a border to your photo can be quite tempting, but in my eyes adding a border is a big commitment.
If you really want to add a white border to your Instagram there is one thing I ask of you.

The probability is that if your account is some weeks old, it will not have the same chance compared to an older account even in a situation of a newer accounts having more likes than the older one.
They are great if you would like some opening engagement, but the responses you get from these hashtags tend to be a bit machine-like and at all times not genuine.
It beats logic having over ten thousand followings and you only have less than one thousand followers. The respective owners are still possessors of their property, namely the trademarks and copyrights.
Keep your feed the way youwant to and become a popular Instagram userwithin a matter of days. I think that an Instagram as a whole looks better if either all of the photos have borders or none of the photos have borders.
You find that many people have thousands of likes but only less than five hundred are active.

As mentioned earlier, the most vital thing you can do is frequently posting photos that people will sincerely love to look at it all the time.
Remember your competitors are also aware of this too, thus you should be more creative to beat them all. The Instagram popular page only looks at what is lately trending, so the sooner you gain likes or even comments on the photo, the higher the chances of getting there.

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