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But what if–ever the person to play the devil’s advocate–I were to gently suggest that positive thinking can get you into a whole lot of trouble? That’s a dangerous place to be not only for a business person or entrepreneur, but any person.
When positive thinking fails, people who have banked everything on it–really believed it–are going to come back to earth with a hearty crash.
Positive thinking can leave a person unable to deal with the very real negatives that happen in life, and they find themselves in an unfortified position.
A 2012 Canadian study, published in the Journal of Psychological Science, found this to be true. Joanne Wood, lead researcher in the study, said that those who use positive thinking and positive affirmation of their lives and situations actually ended up feeling worse. Because positive thinking, and positive self-affirmations, conflict with what we know of ourselves and our world. Interesting article, btw I’ve never tried to differentiate positive x negative thinking. Before you go ahead and purchase a product or service, you likely do a bit of research first. The best way to get positive company reviews is simply to provide a great customer experience.
If you’ve got a few customers who continually patronize your business and are satisfied each time, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to review you online. You may not feel comfortable directly asking everyone to review your business, and that’s fine. With these tips, you can gain company reviews that will make your business attractive to those who research it.
But, to someone so enthralled with positive thinking, any realistic thoughts smack of negativity.

The worst idea in the world, no matter how positively you think about it, will still be a bad idea.
All of those positive thoughts never helped them learn to process the reality that things sometimes don’t work out.
There is nothing wrong with choosing to be good-natured and happy, nor is there anything wrong in looking for the bright spot in an ugly situation, but any thinking which blots out reality and effects the information you allow yourself and, consequently the choices you make, is dangerous thinking. You don’t want to eat at a restaurant that has one star on Yelp or buy a sweater that received scathing comments about how it shrunk to half size after one wash, right?
The fact of the matter is, no matter what industry you’re in, the people who feel most inclined to hop online and review a business are those who are either really happy or really upset.
Of course, you don’t want to be pushy and demand that they provide you with a wonderful write-up about how great you are. Especially if you have a younger customer base, you may feel more comfortable engaging your customers via social media.
If you receive a negative review, don’t be up in arms ready to defend your company to the death. Positive thinking is what causes people to chase after the wind, never give up until they’ve lost everything, and blindly pursue opportunities while their family and friends watch with horror. You are going to lean towards thinking positively, you’ll surround yourself with people who support you positively, and you might not be able to face real facts regarding market response, income loss, customer reaction, or when it might be time to cut the line and be done. Just like people tend to steer clear of companies with poor reviews, they also tend to shun those without any reviews at all.
If the majority of your customers leave your business fully satisfied, you’re more likely to get great company reviews. But, a gentle reminder that your company values their opinions and would love to hear their feedback may go a long way.

In fact, 62 percent of millennials say that they’re more likely to become loyal customers to a brand who engages them on social media. Receiving twenty reviews—16 good and four bad—is better than having just three reviews—two good and one bad. They have built no internal support system to deal with it, and they find themselves in a dark place without any way to get out.
To make sure potential customers aren’t avoiding your business like the plague, we’ve got some tips for building up positive company reviews. One of the best ways to gain more positive company reviews is simply to have a strong social media presence and make it easy for customers to review you. Directly contacting a disgruntled customer in a timely manner with the intent of solving their problem courteously can even turn a negative review into a positive one. Fake reviews are usually rather easy to spot, and Yelp has even begun exposing businesses who buy them. On the Yelp pages of offending businesses, you’ll see a message that reads: “We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews for this business. Without the ability to understand that there is negative and positive, you are overlooking all that’s in front of you. I learned to really embrace sorrow as well as joy, knowing both are authentic states of being.

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