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Let’s all be honest with ourselves - when it comes to starting your career in Singapore, it’s all about the money. Plus, SIM-UOL grads are equipped with critical thinking and analytical skills that significantly enhance their employability. People used to tell me that there are only two things you can do with an accounting degree - count money, and make sure people aren’t cheating when they count money. An auditor examines the financial records and books of an organisation, making sure that their finances are all in order. Plus, many students from SIM-UOL’s Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance go on to have successful careers - many are even hired by the Big Four!
If you’re good at handling money, and enjoy talking to people, try your hand at being a personal banker!

Lots of folks aren’t sure about what services their bank has to offer, as well as which of these services works best for them.
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Your parents have emphasised endlessly just how important it is for you to secure a job that pays well, and older relatives have continually reminded you that you must go to a local university in order to do well in life. Leading private education institutes (PEIs) house a variety of comprehensive programmes that set you up for excellence, with one such place being SIM Global Education (SIM)!
If you’re worried that going for an overseas degree programme offered by a PEI won’t set you up for success, we're here to debunk that.

All too often we’ve heard stories about money laundering and tax fraud, of people just generally being awfully dishonest. SIM-UOL (University of London), in particular, has courses that range from politics and economics to business and even IT, catering to interest in all fields.
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