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Imagine if you had a financial advisor cold calling script that gave you instant access to more than 100+ script combinations? GET FREE Lifetime Email Support with your one-time script download purchase of $99!Your download includes a unique Account Number that allows you to contact us anytime!Interested in learning more about how this 100% guarantee works?
11 Attention-Getting Sales Openers that you can use to set in-person meeting with business owners and senior-level executives. 75 Practical Sales Tips that you can use to create additional interest - strategically incorporated throughout the entire script.
129 Engaging Sales Questions that really engage your prospect to think more about their investment strategy. 40 Sales Rebuttals that you can use ASAP when handling 23 of the most common sales objections. Find some idea for bicep name tattoo in our gallery before making your next, or first, tattoo. Far more people use email to communicate than any other online medium, and business today still gets done over email, not through tweets.
Due to the fact that tweeting is so impersonal and a cold phone call is so annoying, email is the ideal platform for reaching out.
Before we get into how to get busy people to actuallyA read your emails, we need to tackle phase 1: you must understand how to avoid the trash bin. I call it theA 3-B plan, and I always double-check my emails to make sure they follow the guidelines below, and I’ve been able to get some fantastic response rates. Being blunt doesn’t meanA not being persuasive, it simply means getting to the point without trying to be clever. If you are going to be the one to reach out to someone, even if they have something to gain, it’sA your job to at least know a little about them. Social networks finally get some mileage here: check out mutual connections and if possible, send out an email to someone you both know before trying to contact said influential person.
Honestly, if you can’t take the time to find out even a single name or personal contact, you’re probably sending the wrong email! As an example, when I was doing outreach for my recent ebook, I wanted to get featured on social media blogs, because they tend to have strong domains and generate a lot of shares.
To circumvent this problem, I sent out emails that highlighted how important social media has become in providing great service, with many companies having fully staffed Twitter accounts to handle customer requests and complaints on the platform. I also didn’t outright ask for a link, I just sent an email that described some of the research + content, and asked if they wanted to check it out.
Not so fast there tiger, the idea behind this is not to be pushy, but to reach out to someone with a persuasiveA reason as to why your message is worth their time. A great breakdown of this rule in non-email terms comes from the 48 Laws of Power, one of my favorite books.

You’ll see that I referenced a past post that Tessa had published from a mutual connection of ours and then spent the rest of my email emphasizing how well that post did, and how mine would perform just as well (the persuasive angle). My follow-up was a bit lacking, but I did at least emphasize that I’d love to be back (which I later was).
While the 3 P’s are great guidelines, in order to create winning emails on a regular basis, you need a script. I love scripts because they give you enough flexibility to personalize certain aspects, but also provide a blueprint that you can refer to every time you need to get down to business. The most important thing to remember about the greeting is keeping things short, sweet, and using the person’s name.
Recent research studying brain activation shows that our brains light up when we hear (or read) our own name, and we’re more likely to pay attention to the message at hand. This obviously has less of an impact on busy people, but it still works in a universal sense.
You will ideally be reaching out to people you respect anyway, so laying on a sincere compliment is not a salesman tactic, it’s just you being genuine (and at the same time, persuasive). The goal can obviously be all over the place, but when you’re asking for a specific favor (remember, intro emails WITHOUT favors are often a good idea), be sure to get right to the point. I made the mistake of sending the link in the first email (d’oh!), but he got back to me the next day, shared the post, and it took off with ZERO other outreach to reach thousands of visitors. Keep it basic, it’s about letting people know who you are and where they can find out a little more about you, notA everything about you. When it comes to email though, short emails work, so minor changes can go a long way (the shorter email you write, the bigger impact each change has). With that in mind, here are a couple of tweaks that I’ve seen go a long way when emailing people. UseA we instead ofA you, be friendly, emphasize time but not in the context of making the recipient feel rushed. I tend to favor emails on Tuesday morning, Monday is usually a rough day, but I don’t like sending things too late in the week if I can reasonably anticipate a response in the same week.
If youA really need close tracking on your emails (times sent, open rates, etc), I highly recommend checking out ToutA or Yesware. When writing these emails, it can be easy to over-analyze every little aspect and hinge some emotions on the person’s response (kind of ironic to say this after a 3000 word post on emailing people, huh? The key to being consistently good with email outreach is to not let a lack of responses (or negative responses) to cold emails get you down.
Cold Call™ eBooks include "FREE UNLIMITED AND LIFETIME EMAIL SUPPORT with your secure one-time online payment!
See three examples This cold call script is customized to financial advisors, investment advisors and financial planners who are looking to add high-net worth clients to their existing book of business.

Cold Call™ guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with this customized script download purchase that if you see a sales opener, topic, theme, objection, sales rebuttal, voice mail message, sales tip, question or concept that is not already included in this Financial Advisor Cold Calling Script then you may email our customer support at anytime with your question and receive a response within 72 hours. If this situation happens to you then please CONTACT US so that we can immediately send you the download link within 24 hours. Paypal is owned and operated by Ebay and has quickly become a global leader in secure online payment solutions with over 106,000,000 active account members worldwide. I have to make my time countA and get resultsa€”I’ve learned quite a few things over the years. The important thing to remember is to always edit your emails at least once to trimA unnecessaryA information. This is an ideal rule for reaching out to anybody (to show you value their time), but it’s especially important when reaching out to busyA people. Doing this, I was able to get featured on a slew of sites, all because it was positioned for them. Since I had nothing to offer Derek personally, the benefit was hinted atA subtlety: he would get to see advice of his being implemented by a fan. If you truly have no angle to frame some sort of benefit, just remember to thank the person for their time.
Think about how many more contacts, appointments and sales this could mean for your existing book of business?
This script focuses on contacting successful business owners and senior-level executives at their place of work versus calling a prospect at their home residence.
Bicep tattoo is not very visible and easy to hide, but also perfectly presentable when needed. Cold Call believes that it's much easier to engage or inspire your prospect's curiosity when they're at work as compared to the privacy of their own home.
Number (included with your one-time script download purchase) so that our customer service team can quickly identify and confirm your original download purchase. Cold Call's Free Weekly Cold Calling and Sales Prospecting Newsletter and you may cancel these emails at anytime.
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