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The Apostille can only issued by a single authorized authority, in New York State that authority is the New York Department of State, the Secretary of State Office.
Before a document can receive an Apostille, it has to go thought a series of time consuming step. If you live or work around the New York City or Long Island area, we will pick up your document from your office or home and return it with the proper Apostille. While ApostilleOnline main office is on Long Island we have affiliates in other states to help expedited the processing your order.
If you document is going to a country that does not accept the Apostille then it must be Legalized. If you need a NY marriage record, NY divorce record or any other type of court document, we can assist you in getting this document. Matrimonial records require a notarized letter from you giving us permission to get these type of records. We can provide you a New York State Notary Public who can travel to your location to notarize your personal or business documents. Japanese, Korean Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.
YES, You must send us the original notarized authorization along with the Index number, names of the parties to the divorce and the borough or town where the case took place. Yes, we provide our translation service thru a third party that is capable of performing translations in over 30 different languages.

Yes & No, Getting school related notarization is time consuming process because many states require the school's administrative staff, registrar, school liason, etc signature to be notarized. This requires sending the document to the school or may require a mobile notary public to visit the school, unless the school has a notary public on staff. There are other methods that we can use to bypass this requirement however, we must discuss this with you to see if it meets your requirements. No, You DO NOT need to be present in order for us to receive an Apostille on your document. Once your order has been received by this office, it takes 24 - 48 hours to process your request and return it to you by mail.
If your Apostille requires an Consular or Embassy Stamp it can take much longer depending on the location and Consulate or Embassy that it's being sent to.
The US Department of State has a minimum 4 days and it could be longer depending on their work load and the time at the Embassy, which depends on the Embassy schedule. Cash, Business or Personal Check, Money Order, Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA). There are many many ways to contact us; You can call us on our Toll Free telephone line, email us, website online chat, or Skype. It is not necessary for the Apostille to have a ribbon, a raised seal be in color or even a gold seal to be an official Apostille.
Once you have the Apostille no other work or vist is necessary to any consulate or Embassy, except for some commercial document for some countries.

We will assist you in getting your documents or affidavits prepared for use in a foreign country.
If the jurisdictional requirements of the Consulate in New York City accepts documents from your state, then we will process your document in the local consulate. Fingerprints are not required since the record search is based on your name and date of birth. However, if you need an Apostille or Legalization for these documents at a consulate or embassy we can help. You must send your original or a scanned copy of your educational document so we can process it. Apostille courier service is not provided on Federal Holidays, Saturday, Sunday or during Weather Emergencies.
Once the document is legalized the the local state authority, it is either sent to the US Department of State which is located in Washington DC.

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