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Show your directing or acting talent to the world JOIN Kisses and Guns the first feature long Social Movie ever made Readthe script Chooseyour segment Shootyour segment following the Rules and the Musical Score UPLOADyour video Inviteyour friends to vote The winners of the international jury and public will be part of the two versions of Kisses and Guns WIN THE COMPETITION! Kisses and Guns is the first full-length feature film to be made by any number of directors.
Another mandatory element is the original score provided in the soundtrack found in the Production Kit.
The movie score was provided by Italian Composer Luigi Seviroli, who recorded 23 original tunes to be used at your own convenience in the segment relating to the script segment you have chosen to film. You may also decide to shoot more than one version of the same segment, or even the whole movie if you so wish.
To edit the different Segments into a complete movie, you must follow the Golden Rules that stipulate that the different Segments become a seamless movie (you can see a sample of this editing effect with 3 Segments on the Master Reel presented on the Kisses and Guns website.

At the end of the production deadline, the filmed segments will be reviewed by the Kisses and Guns International Jury, who will then select the 16 segments that will go on to make up the one version of the final cut. Another version of Kisses and Guns will be made from the 16 Segments that will receive more Likes on the websites. Any doubts regarding production policy may be answered by referring to our Golden Rules, or by visiting our FAQ Section. Any doubts about the Copyright issues concerning the material you receive in the Production Kit or the material you shoot and upload on the webiste can be solved by going to the Terms Section on the website or to the FAQ Section.
Basically, if you could get a good trailer out of the script, Roger had no objection to you making a really good movie.
John Sayles Quote“Basically, if you could get a good trailer out of the script, Roger had no objection to you making a really good movie.

No matter how many versions are shot, the only thing that matters is strict adherence to the script. It can be shot on a stage or on location, whatever; again, the only condition being strict adherence to the script. All tracks can be downloaded as part of the Production Kit and are published by Machiavelli Music Publishing.

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