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Most Europeans were not rich enough to take the trip across the Atlantic, it was very expensive. Plantation owners soon realized that they did not like having to buy new slaves every few years, when their old slaves were freed. In the 1600s many laws were passed that stopped African indentured servants from being freed. Many Jamestown colonists wanted indentured servants because they needed help on their tobacco plantations.
The African indentured servants were given the same treatment as white indentured servants.
Tobacco was easy to grow in Virginia but the colonists could not harvest all of the tobacco by themselves.

So, many young white European men and women would promise to work for 4-7 years for a colonist already living in Jamestown in exchange for a ride on a ship to the colony, shelter, clothing and food. The captain of the ship traded his slaves for food and the Africans became indentured servants.
Colonists liked buying African indentured servants because they were cheaper.Colonists made lots of money when they sold their tobacco, indigo and rice in England and they were very greedy.
These laws also stopped them from marrying white people and also made it so that any children born to slaves became slaves too. Indentured servants were also given a small area of land to build a house on and make a garden when they were freed. Both white people from Europe and Africans were brought to Jamestown to help with the farming.

White farmers traded their tobacco for slaves and made them work on their tobacco plantations.
So, the plantation owners started keeping their African indentured servants for longer than a few years. Since African servants did not have a government, no one could stop the masters from keeping the Africans as slaves. Any servants who had been freed, no matter what race, were able to vote, own land, marry, participate in government and fight for the army.

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