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In honour of Global Running Day, I thought it fitting to share my June Race Calendar at the same time.
Back to my June Race Calendar, here are the races I plan to enter and run – the first is this weekend, and I am so stoked about it because it is literally 1,5km away from our house which means I can sleep in, walk to the start and walk home – no parking issues!
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This document is a photocopy of the form completed on the date of marriage by the couple and the marriage officiant. Photocopies of Registrations of Marriage are generally only needed for genealogical, court or consulate purposes.
There is always an official raised seal and red stamp on the back of the photocopy stating it is a certified true copy of the original registration. A marriage record search will tell you if a record was found, but will not provide any other information.

After comrades this past weekend, I am feeling very inspired to get back on track with my running training.
So if you are sitting at home reading my posts while eating a bag of chips and saying to yourself, next week I am so getting off the couch and trying this running malarkey. Coach is not too keen on races every weekend, so it means I need to show him the races I am doing so he can slot in my LSD runs as well. You may be running slow in your mind, but actually what a race does is puts up these expectations to run hard, get a PB and push yourself. More info here.Also, if you were planning to hit a state park at the coast this weekend, check ahead. Fulfill your fall learning instincts by learning to kayak, with the Reedy Creek Nature Center’s Kayaking 101. For more on the program, go here.MountainsSunday, the Carolina Mountain Club will hike Cold Mountain.

What’s intriguing about this hike is this note on the CMC Web site: “Trails are poorly designed and rough. Go here for a description of the hike.* * *Those are GGNC’s thoughts for an active weekend.
This work of art is on the Tanawha section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail not far from the Linn Cove Viaduct.'>Latest VideoUnable to get Youtube feed.

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