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The reason why we are unsuccessful (for now) is directly connected to why other people, whom we admire, are more successful in their life.
You were brave enough to start with a project, but things didn’t work up to your expectations and you are still at the same spot.
Majority of the time, people start something new with a lot of boom and bash, but eventually, they fail to reach to the top.
Now that you know the flaws in your methodology and in you, I guess you will work on it and turn out to be a whole new person. Varun Singh is an engineering student, dancer, singer, dreamer and above everything, a writer. Awards & PublicationsHuffington Post, Revlon INSPIRATION OPINION LEADER March 2014, TOP EUROPEAN BLOG 2013 by Circle of Moms,TOP INDIAN Health & FITNESS BLOG 2013, Published at Times Of India, Yahoo!, Lifehack, Pickthebrain, Time Management Magazine, Scoopwhoop, Topyaps, desibeautyblog, Mamalode, Circle Of Moms, Alive so make it count and Enlightened Times (Australian Magazine). I wanted to go out, bring a revolution and make the world a better place but couldn’t find the time to between nappy changing, lullaby singing, making crazy faces, practicing mini marathons and picking up the rummages from the floor, so dear world, can you please wait! Definitely, most of them were not born into success; instead, they simply did, and continue to do, things that helped them become the person they are at present.

Perhaps, you had an idea, but not the courage to give it a shot and see how things roll up.
One of the reasons is that they ignore certain things in the process which they thought were minor and not of much importance, but sadly, those turned the scene for them! You didn’t utilize those in time because you thought they would keep coming over and over again for you! Whenever he is not glued to a computer screen and giving people free tips, he does social service through an NGO. So, if you didn’t succeed yet, then maybe you skipped something vital during the working process. If we pay attention, then both, successful and unsuccessful people, get the same amount of hours each day. They, instead of mourning over the lost game, begin to improve themselves for the next one to come. So, this time, keep the spirit high and start with what you wish to and see how things turn out to be.

But, what actually makes the difference is the way they utilize that time to their advantage. So, if you haven’t succeeded yet, then maybe you weren’t strong enough to accept the defeat and improve yourself thereafter. So, go for the work which you truly, madly and deeply want to do, as you would be naturally passionate about it. So, if you haven’t succeeded yet, then may be, you didn’t make the best use of the time which was available to you.
However, he can also be found on Google plus posting daily life stories and tweeting over here.

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