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A new study from researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara shows that men actually feel more attractive after their partner gives birth than they did before the event.
Moms and dads were asked to rate their own attractiveness on a scale of 1 (very ugly) to 100 (perfect beauty or ultimate handsomeness) and also to give themselves a score between 1 and 5 to indicate how they perceive themselves on a continuum.
Researchers speculated there could be several different reasons for this increase in confidence.
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Russian make-up artist Vadim Andreev produced these striking before and after photographs, and says that he can make any woman look like a cover girl just by using make-up. Vadim has admitted to using a bit of photoshop but says that this is mainly for colour correction and to enhance the contrast.
It raises an interesting question though, one we posed recently when we asked whether make-up really can be 'deceitful' as some people said following a Reddit post of a woman's transformation. I first noticed the graphic on a friend’s Facebook feed last weekend, accompanied by an avid conversation about which body type men find more attractive.
I’m no more likely to look like Marilyn Monroe than I am to be mistaken for Keira Knightley on the beach. PLUS Model Mag Promotes Size Acceptance, But Are Their Photos Really Body Positive?Dear Facebook Friends: Please Stop Sharing This Female-Bashing Gillian McKeith vs.

And if you read the article, you’ll see that I am arguing against conformity and against the photo entirely. The point of this post is to talk about what beauty standards set by Hollywood and the media are doing to women’s self-esteem and mental health. The point is that women should not hate one another because of their sizes, and images such as the first one do nothing but fuel that very hatred. In reality, there is no justifiable reason to foster any kind of hatred between women at all, regardless of the sizes they wear. I think you missed the point of the article… the reason that compilation is great is that they all represent different body types and are all beautiful.
You shouldn’t have to find EVERYONE attractive so some people feel better about their bodies. If that’s what they want to look like, or already do, and THEY are happy with it, then let them be.
And we have plenty to worry about in our country, however, body image is something that SHOULD be worried about. But men who had become fathers ranked themselves more attractive than they did before their wives had given birth. As for any ‘extra’ attention, I assumed that was directed toward my kids because they were just so damn cute!
Collected StoriesOur e-book, free with a Gold Premium Membership, curates and collects some of our finest articles designed to change the conversation about men. We think that a lot of the women in the 'before' shots look pretty good to begin with but we can't be hypocrites - we also love make-up.
Then I saw it on Twitter, shared by famed yoga teacher Kathryn Budig, who encouraged her fans to feel better about their bodies. Feeling good about our bodies is the whole point; too many women let body image hangups drag down their mental and physical health because they feel judged by ridiculous standards. I, after seeing the image originally posted by a male in my social network, I knew it is an issue for men, women’s body issues.
What we do need is greater diversity in body shapes and sizes in movies, TV shows and magazines.
And no singular beauty ideal will ever be good for women, so let’s promote diversity instead of comparing one uniform ideal against another. There are men being brainwashed to one size is better than another, beauty and personality didn’t matter.

I feel to pushed to look like bloody Marilyn Monroe or Kim Kardashian by MEDIA and people like you but I fight against it.
Gillian McKeith photo before it, or the recent PLUS Model Magazine photo shoot, I know the intention of this graphic is good. Most women don’t have the 21-inch waist Elizabeth Taylor had at the height of her fame. You can’t say that Keira is anorexic, she has ALWAYS been fit like that, she is naturally tall and slender.
Someone with an eating disorder when younger can have complications for the rest of their lives.
In a way, the women on the bottom half of the photos have figures that are more impossible to obtain: not only do they have wasp waists, they also have proportionally large busts and hips.
I feel for young men, who feel they need to be in the closet about the type of girl who is his preference. Depending on your natural body type you will look very different from the same type of work out and diet. Weight and body image concerns are only rising and spreading to the male gender and as well as every race there is. It is hard, I can’t imagine what being a homosexual is like, people pretending to accept you cos if they ostracise you they are discriminating. As long as you eat when you are hungry and doesn’t stop til you are full and get fresh vegetables and protein and all you need from your food it is absolutely nothing wrong with being slim. I would look like Keira (or maybe I should say Shakira as I have rounded hips like her and my body resembles hers) if I didn’t binge on sweets quite often. It is just sick to say that that is better for me than to stop it because I would look like Shakira does.
An annoying thing is that people don’t understand that Jennifer Lopez for example probably has a stricter diet and work out HARDER than Keira Knightley. It is her body type that makes her curvy, she can STARVE before videos to be able to show off her tiny waist since her hips are big any way from the way she is built and the way her body works and where she loses fat.

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