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If we have an argument, Glen wants to hug it out and I want to build a shed. He likes singing and poems and talking about stuff. As a culture darkens and moves away from God, both gender descriptions get further and further away from being Christlike. I’m woman who feels like a man, married to a man who feels like a woman (Glen wants me to edit this, but the lady doth protest too much). Although one may never forget that women are not to rule over their husbands – they ought to submit to them as they do to their Lord because the Lord speaks through their husbands. When this happens, instead of being liberated by difference, we’re squashed by it instead.

Particularly in times of insecurity as to hearing the Lord’s voice or others’ (mostly Satan’s), Jesus used my hubby to tell me what to do. Preachers today who are devoid of Christ’s Spirit cannot help but offering more or less lame and shallow sermons filled with mere human wisdom. Guys are also three to five times more likely than women to kill themselves.Guys are encouraged to drink to unwind.
Also, it is good for husbands to listen to their wives’ voices through whom God’s helping advice can be heard. I’d rather be eating bacon rolls and listening to a fighter pilot than having my nails manicured.

The “female side” of God brings along deep understanding, tenderness, comfort, and respecting others just the way they are – not the way men often think they “ought to be”. Therefore, He recently urged me to write a “manly” poem and to post it on Tullian Tchividjian’s blog.

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