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Man vs ClockInspirational Travel and Lifestyle Design BlogMotivational Monday: Feeling Guilty for Feeling Good? As I parachuted down from my soapbox, shy guy smiled and said “yeah, I guess so – it’s just not exactly exciting to other people.” “SCREW (polite version) everyone else, I affirmed.
I’m not a chest-beating, football-is-the-most-important-thing-in-life kind of guy; but I am a man of passion. Moral of the story kids: If you’ve found something (harmless) that you enjoy doing and it makes you feel good – don’t make any excuses and enjoy every moment of it! Truth is, I’m not really a fan of football, I won’t go out of my way to watch it ( I know, blasphemy! It seems my thing these days is trying to please everyone else to the point I cannot remember what I even enjoy any more.
You are so right, we should not silence those who have passion whether it is because we do not share that passion or even at times because we have nothing to feel passionate about ourselves. Anything which brings a smile to our faces (provided it does not harm others) is good for us and good for those around us. Aaah good old Gary Speed ?? Yes I can imagine that Manchester wouldn’t allow you to ignore football’s existence!
Anti-aging products that fill pharmacy shelves and magazine advertising space push the message that it is better to look, feel and be younger.
To help you feel great about getting older, we’ve assembled nine of our favorite quotes about aging.
Flip Side +What if we could change the world by opening our hearts and sharing our untold stories of hope, inspiration and love?
Meals with a Message +A program that makes sack lunches and delivers them to the homeless in our community. Aside from the light teasing, I used to listen to my Stepdad go on about cricket (a game that bores me) for hours, but I wouldn’t dream of trying to shut him up and I appreciate it when people talk about anything with a level of enthusiasm.

You and I have a divine right to chase after them feelings and we should never make apologies for wanting to simply feel good. Chasing that good feeling for your very own sport ?? And whaaaat have you got against my tea-sipping nation? Well I can vouch for Koh Lanta and a cool little Irish bar there that will be showing all the footy, good luck in making a decision, I know it’s not something you’ve been finding all that easy lately!
Sometimes we try so hard to do what we think we should be doing (especially regarding travel) and forget what we actually want to do. If you have something which makes you feel good, embrace it, rejoice in your pleasure (however small). While of course aging is often accompanied by negative health side effects, these anti-aging messages do not tell the whole story of what it is like to grow “old.” Aging is by accompanied maturity, wisdom, new opportunities -- beautiful things that are certainly not “anti" anything.
It is a 30 second to 3 minute video that tells a story about love, shares a message of hope and inspires positive change.
I was planning to completely unplug myself from the digital world for a month after researching the cheap travel deals around the remote parts of Indonesia . It shows that they are ALIVE and it sure beats the “it’s a shit job, but it pays the bills” conversation that has grown to become acceptable in today’s society.
This is your life and when you look back on your deathbed, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret them toe-curling moments that makes you feel ALIVE.
One of my favorite memories is searching desperately for a bar in Paris showing baseball when I had a friend from home in town and the Giants were in the World Series.
Here’s a statistic – do you know there is more, on ratio girls that got o a Newcastle match than any other top flight team in England? I always say that personal happiness is a human desire that is so basic yet so often forgotten about.
I was going to visit Komodo Island and see the beasts in action, check out Mount Bromo and all sorts of other cool stuff that my future Grandchildren will get bored of constantly hearing about.

Rewind to last year and I was on the train up to the bonny city of Edinburgh and I sat next to a shy and nervous-looking young man.
After prompting he looked nervously at me and told me he travels around Britain taking photos of Norman architecture. I ditched my bank holiday plans and went up to Dublin last year for an all nighter in a gaming cafe to watch the EVO finals ( EVO is basically to Fighting Games as the World Cup is to Football. The One World Heart Project is looking for people who care, people who have ideas about how to live a better life and most importantly, people who are willing to TAKE ACTION! I have so many options as far as travel is concerned and all I desire for the next few weeks is a TV that shows England games for Euro 2012 and so I’m currently researching the best place to enjoy this simplicity. I literally can’t keep quiet for longer than five minutes, so I made him talk to me (poor lad). Just ask poor Johnny Ward who had just met me when Newcastle had equalised last minute against our local rivals and I was jumping around the Irish bar like a lunatic.
Well-said, my friend–although I shall certainly NOT be cheering for England in any football matches this summer! Giving awakens our joy by reuniting us with those parts of ourselves that dream of a better world. If you have ever thought that there must be something more you can do to be of service to others, but have been stymied as to just how to make it happen, then congratulations! You have heard the call of millions of people who need your help, who need your commitment and who need you.

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