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If you do feel good and are happy then you can stop reading this post right now, but typically there will probably be a time in your life when you aren’t happy or feeling good – what then? But there are some simple ways that help me feel good immediately and know they can help you as well. Feeling good is probably the most important thing that YOU can do to have the ability to manifest anything in to your life.
Erik Christian Johnson { Awesome post title and twist on it, love your post and Ray Higdon.
You can also use tapping techniques, such as the Choices Method (more on that shortly) to affirm choosing positive feelings, once you have tapped out the main issue.
You'll also get access to my free video series showing you how to use EFT tapping effectively for your pets. Great post Ferris … such simple, effective techniques, thanks for reminding us about them. I fact,  as Abraham says, everything we want, is really because we think we will feel better in the having of it.

Find the feeling place: Think of having the thing you want and how it will feel when you get it. Appreciate what IS going right in your life right now (see blog on the Art of Appreciation). After living in the West Boise Mountains for eleven years and being snowed in quite frequently, I developed cabin fever to the point where I became very depressed.
It is easy to forget what we already have, whether it’s good friends, good food, good health, great architecture, nature, technology. Laughter is great medicine and helps your body release endorphins (the body’s feel-good chemicals). She showed me that I have a great tool to help myself and Tara (the dog) and helped me feel less anxious.Shana LaFore and Kismet, Wisconsin, USAThank you Ferris. Ask yourself if you COULD be happy anyway? (You can use EFT and the Abraham-Hicks processes to easily help to shift how you see things and change your reactions). There are now online laughter groups (such as the wonderful skype laughter club) and local laughter yoga events, so, even if your friends aren’t a laugh a minute, you can easily get a hearty laugh.

I now feel more at peace with the situation and calmer when speaking with other family members about the difficult decisions being made.Corinne Zoscak and Jake, Pennsylvania, USAFerris is the 'real deal'. I have learned to appreciate and be grateful for him in the here and now.Victoria Anderson and Pelito, Oldham, UKFerris helped my horse Pelito after an accident resulting in a horrible wound down to the bone on one of his front legs.
I'm convinced Ferris' help was instrumental in this. Geneva Rose and Teeger, Nevada, USAWhen Ferris worked with my cat Teeger, the results were astounding and immediate. She is acting like her self again, engaged in life and lively, quite a contrast to the listless dishrag she was yesterday (after a dog attacked her).
Ferris is a miracle for my kitty.David Bryant, Rufus and Daisy, Brocton, New York, USAFerris helped us with our dogs “poor door manners”.

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