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A regular practicer at The Write Practice, Miriam is a dreamer, a trombonist, a vocalist, a Brandon Mull addict, and an avid reader. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.You may not have been bullied in your childhood but everyone seems to have these experiences of self-doubt. How can I expect to be a writer?Sound familiar?Why does this simple little thing called self-doubt do so much damage? I was the ugliest girl in sixth grade, so they told me.I didn’t want to believe them at the time but the words stung and sunk into my heart.
What if they notice something wrong and start the whole matter up again?What Can You Do to Battle Self-Doubt?Then I found my friends, a writing group that was requiting people for the club at my high school. How did you overcome them?PRACTICEFor fifteen minutes write some of your doubts and fears and how you plan on overcoming them.And if you comment please be sure to comment on others as well. I think changing the format to a bunch of short stories is going to do wonders for me with that.
That will give me the confidence that I can actually finish pieces.It will also give me the confidence that I can follow a proper story structure and pare things down to the truly essential.
Some of the things that my #1 critter (I don’t mean the best, I mean the most critical, the one I think sometimes is more cruel than critical) say that need to be improved on my part are spot on.

And so many other people like it.Why is it just natural to listen to the one voice of dissent when good things are coming from all sides? And usually when #1 and the rest agree on something, I find myself most confident about it.But I am grateful that #1 seems to have changed his tone in the past two weeks.
I have a good reason, they get it for $5 a month by a school initiative, but how to work that in? Well, I think considering how many rejections writers are supposed to get, I shouldn’t get all worked up about it.
It will be a bummer, but it’ll be something to list in my 100 credits group on Scrib, where we keep track of our rejections and acceptances.
I wonder sometimes too if I will ever finish my WIP, but I can’t let that doubt discourage me.
It can be so easy to listen to that solo negative voice ringing in our ears and forget the choir of positive voices. You inspired me to participate for the first time too, as I have also been receiving the emails for a while.
I think I hang onto the dissenting voice because it affirms what I have been fearing all along. It shoves me into a little world and makes my dreams small.I square my shoulders and smile at the big blue sky.
I have one writing success, then climb to the next level and doubt kicks my ass all over again.
When am I finally going to arrive?Intellectually, I know that self-doubt is just that rat-bastard fear in disguise, but when it’s holding me down on the playground gravel, I sometimes feel too weak to fight itThe trick is to write anyway. Linda CarmiHow can I write about the pain that collapses me from inside my chest since that day when I watched him take his last breath? Yes you can write another book, you can try again and I guarantee that if you are not good enough now you will become the author you need to.
Writing is a process like any other skill, cultivate it, learn what you can and you will become who you’d like to.
You have talent and you had the guts to actually put a book out there, and that is worth so much!

There are always going to be people that have Something negative to say, you just have to rise above it. No one is perfect, there will always be flaws and someone to point them out but never stop because of that.
I’m a perfectionist and hate messing up and failing, so many times I back out of a challenge rather than run the risk of getting hurt. DadOf5Self doubt is the day I found out that I was not born in America, a country that everyone dreamed to live in. When I finally started my life in America, self doubt is the realization that white is something I will never be, and that the people whose light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, would be the very people reminding me every single day that I am in fact not a white American. I would not have a group of friends like in the Archie comics, getting into wild misadventures. And in the end self doubt is that ugly cancer that only she was able to pry off of me and throw into the incinerator to burn away into nothingness. And when my eyes were finally opened to the reality of my true worth, it became possible for me to keep self doubt from resurrecting itself.
Adelaide ShawWhen I was young, my own doubts about my ability to be attractive to boys went away after I joined a church club and met a group of caring people who did their best to welcome me. My doubt about finding a job after years of being a Mom, disappeared when I stopped apologizing for my lack of business experience and built up my strengths in organization, punctuality, typing, etc. I do not market myself and am comfortable with writing for a group of haiku poets who recognize my name and stories for small journals which occasionally accept one.
Facing doubt, whether it comes from bullying, from rejection of any kind, loss of a loved one, a failed relationship or friendship, a job loss, or just from within your own unsure self, it is debilitating.
Everyone here has gone through some form of doubt and has won or is fighting to overcome it. My congratulations on your strength and determination.Adelaide Miriam NThanks for reading my post Adelaide!

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