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Although learning a second language is easier when we are young, with a bit of self-discipline and motivation we can master a new language in adulthood which, as research has shown, has a positive impact on our brain functions. Results from language comprehension tests showed that bilingual volunteers who took part in the study were more adept at filtering out irrelevant sounds which researchers say reflects strong mental ability. During the testing the volunteers would hear a particular word and were then shown an image of that word and also of a similar sounding word. Bilingual participants scored much better as researchers believe their brains are already conditioned to control two languages, meaning they are able to block out irrelevant words more easily. The best thing about the findings is that even those who are not completely fluent in a second language can reap the rewards of being bilingual.
Even though it can be more difficult to learn a second language as an adult, there are plenty of opportunities to listen to or read a foreign language thanks to the digital age in which we live in. A recent study conducted at the Northwestern University has shown that speaking two languages exercises the brain and bilingual individuals can more easily perform challenging tasks.
For example, they would hear the word cloud and would then be presented with a picture of a cloud and a clown, a similar sounding word.
This ability can be extremely useful as it can help individuals filter out distracting noise in busy classrooms and also whilst driving a car as Dr.
Even a working knowledge of a second language can have a positive impact on our brain and cognition, whilst the actual learning process can help stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. There are many professional language school catering for adults, online language courses, opportunities to visit foreign news portals and communicate via email or Skype with friends and native speakers from abroad. Recent research says yes—that regular endurance exercise, such as running or powerwalking, positively affects the hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped, curved structure of the brain associated with memory and ability to learn.Using technologies that examine the workings of individual neurons (nerve cells), and the makeup of brain matter itself, researchers have discovered that physical endurance exercise appears to prevent shrinkage of the brain, while enhancing cognitive flexibility. Viorica Marian, one of the researchers, explains: “Inhibitory control is a hallmark of cognition.
The positive effects of the learning process can be seen in a relatively short period of time as Dr Marian states: “Also, it doesn’t take a lifetime for the brain to reap the benefits of bilingualism.
The study was published in the British Journal of Psychology and was headed by Srdan Medimorec. The hippocampus seems to be especially receptive to new neuron growth in response to exercise.
Whether we’re driving or performing surgery, it’s important to focus on what really matters and ignore what doesn’t”.
Researchers asked 103 students to write essays in two different conditions – one by using one hand and the other using both hands.
The university students were asked to write essays about an event that had a positive effect on them, or a memorable experience at school.
Rhodes, a psychology professor at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois, took four groups of mice and placed them into four distinct living environments.

One group lived in an enriched world of sensual pleasures, dining on cheese, fruit and nuts, with added spices for variety, and flavoured waters for fluids.
The researchers concluded that the students who typed using just one hand employed more sophisticated vocabulary. Their sleeping quarters consisted of colourful plastic “igloos” and their playgrounds of neon-hued spheres, plastic tunnels, blocks, seesaws and mirrors. The team said that slowing down the process by typing single-handedly allowed the writers more time to think of words, resulting in a broader lexicon being used.
A second group of mice also enjoyed these sensual simulators but their playgrounds included small running wheels. Conversely, those who wrote faster by typing with two hands were more likely to use the first word that came to mind.In this study, those who typed with one hand slowed down to a similar speed as that of handwriting. Professor Evan Risko, one of the senior authors of the study, claims that this is the very first study to demonstrate that when one interferes with one’s typing, one’s writing can improve. A fourth group was given kibble to eat, and a playground devoid of toys except for running wheels.At the start of the study, all the mice were given a series of cognitive tests and injected with a substance that allowed the researchers to track changes in their brain structures. His team asserts that regardless of tools, writing speed could affect the quality of writing, whether that is handwriting, typing or text-to-speech. After the mice spent several months in their living environments, Rhodes and his team put them through the same tests and examined their brain tissues. Neither the toys nor treats had improved the brains of the mice.In fact, the only thing that proved relevant in Rhodes’ experiment was whether or not the mice had access to an exercise wheel. The mice that worked out regularly had healthier brains and performed significantly better on cognitive tests than the mice that lived a highly stimulating life, but performed little or no physical exercise.Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get notifications on new articles. That means that at least 5 billion people have access to the full text in their native language, and almost the whole population can read some part of it in their mother tongue. On Twitter, users only have 140 characters per ‘tweet’, so have to be succinct in their messages. As such, most computer users are more or less familiar with Internet slang and the way that people communicate online. Internet slang refers to words and phrases that are cut short or abbreviated; the slang terms are widely used in social media, chat rooms and other channels on the World Wide Web.
Often, these words are used to save time typing – especially in gaming rooms and chat rooms. Today, the term lag is used in reference to mobile phones and other gadgets working or responding slowly, while glitch is used to describe malfunctions in computers, programs and applications.The Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary is the definitive record of the English language. It prides itself on being a descriptive record of the language rather than prescribing what words mean, as opposed to other records.

In the June 2015 update, slang words originating from the Internet, such as sext, shizzle, totes and fap fap fap, were included.With increasing amounts of our time spent online, it is only natural that slang and terms used in that arena would spill over into everyday language. The inclusion of such words in records of the English language is essential to ensure that our language adapts to our times. Last month there was an announcement that the latter country's name would be changed to Czechia. It was a decision that came after much deliberation by the president, heads of parliament, the prime minister, and the country's defence and foreign ministers.
But they have stressed that Czech Republic will remain as the name of the country for administrative and official matters, while Czechia is to be used abroad as an informal, geographic name. Czech Republic officials have also stated that it is frustrating to have their country's name misspelled a lot of the time, and it is no secret that foreigners find it difficult to pronounce the name as well. The officials argue that the name "Czech Republic" only has about two decades’ worth of history, whereas "Czechia" was first used in Latin in around 1634, and in English around the mid-19th century.Arguments against the name change include the fact that the United States and the United Kingdom also have 2-word names. However, despite their longer names, these countries are much better known on a worldwide scale compared to Czech Republic. Czech Republic, on the other hand, does not have an abbreviated name.It's early days yet and things may not go smoothly for the name change campaign, as detractors have their say. In any case, the country will have to wait for the UN to approve the shorter name, even if only for commercial and marketing purposes.
There have been a number of amendments to the law since it was passed initially in 1977, some very controversial, and none more so than this latest addition.The expectation is that following the present consultation period (of 45 days) all businesses with branches in Quebec will be required by law to provide at least some French on their external signage.
That may be an equivalent translation of the business name, or simply a description of the products or services they provide. The French text would have to be given equal importance, for example if the English name is lit up, the French version would also need to be illuminated.Impact on BusinessesIt would apply to almost all businesses, including some of the most well-known brands such as Walmart, GAP and Costco, and is expected to cost firms thousands of dollars. They assert that it is a matter of politeness; companies should acknowledge where their businesses are located and respect their environment. Nevertheless, the wheels are in motion and while companies will be given up to three years to comply, after that time substantial fines will be imposed on those refusing to observe the new legislation.

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