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The modern world is extremely competitive and you have to remain on your toes at all times to achieve success.
Just like we can strengthen our body through physical exercises, we can also improve our mental capacity through exercises. If you are mentally tired or stressed out after an exhausting day at work or at university, you will have the tendency to think negatively. In order to enhance your mental capacity, you should try taking part in games which test your analytical abilities.
You can adopt a hobby of solving mathematical problems in your free time, as they are surely going to sharpen your mind. A morning walk can be put into the category of physical activities; however, it is also extremely useful for making your mind stronger.
Listening to classical music can help you relieve stress, which is naturally going to have a very good impact on your mental strength. As we age, the birth of new brain cells becomes slower, and our brain tissue shrinks in size. With today’s hectic lifestyle – which often involves juggling time between office, work, home and kids – there is very little time left for mind relaxation.
If you don’t eat fish regularly, it may be a good idea to include some in your regular diet – at least twice a week. Inflammation could be the result of your body fighting toxins, infections, chemicals or free radicals. Innovative ideas are crucial to do well these days and coming up with these is not possible without a sharp and strong mind.

By exercising regularly, you can create additional space in your mind which can enhance your intelligence level and that space can be used whenever you wish to use it. Such games, like chess, are an extremely effective way of strengthening your mind, and you will also enjoy this exercise. Your mind is always crowded with various thoughts and worries, which definitely affects your thinking ability and other brain functions.
If you do not like eating fish, or if you are a vegan, then you can opt for a fish oil supplement instead. Studies have shown that inflammation of any kind tends to have a negative impact on mental performance.
Brain-strengthening or mind-improvement exercises can invigorate your brain and enhance its functions. It does not matter what new skill you decide to take up – for example, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, carpentry projects, etc. There are countless games which can be played online, allowing you to save time and hassle. Despite the common belief that intelligence is a genetic phenomenon, studies have shown that this isn’t true. Studies show that regular exercise – especially cardiovascular exercise – boosts the blood flow to your brain, which helps deliver much-needed oxygen to brain cells (the brain consumes nearly 20% of the oxygen in our body). Meditation is one of the oldest ways to rejuvenate your mind and enhance your cognitive functions.
A study on teenagers in Sweden indicated that eating fish increased the verbal and visuospatial intelligence of the subjects by more than 10%.

Researchers have found that inflammation is consistently linked to lower standard intelligence levels. The brain is a continuously evolving organ, and it is always a work in progress – it keeps revising or remodeling, improving or declining, depending on how we use it.
Studies have shown that people see a significant increase in brain volume if they exercise regularly. The practice of meditation involves quiet, focused breathing exercises where your mind is free from other activities and thoughts. While the exact mechanism of how eating fish improves brain health is unknown, some believe that, like exercise, it helps increase blood flow to the brain. Such mind-building games help in developing problem-solving abilities and mental determination. Moreover, studies have shown that mastering new skills also helps in improving memory and cognitive functions.
Just like with a muscle, if the brain is properly exercised, anyone can boost their intelligence level significantly, at any age. With regular practice, meditation allows your mind to reach a deeply calm state, which in turn improves other brain functions, such as attention span, memory and focus. Not surprisingly, some of the leading corporate organizations now offer meditation classes for their employees.

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