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I haven't tried tuning any muscle cars yet (damn small garage space), but I guess if R* would have put muscle car whellies in the game the probably would work by tring a burnout with a fully modded muscle car with wheelie bar. Just seems to be for show so far, i have maxed out a Vigero and tried multiple things to pull wheelies. If your username contains these characters, please register a temporary account and post in this topic.

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I tried all kinds of stuff from actually trying to do a wheelie by pulling left stick down to attaching a bicycle to it, but nothing worked.

Motoristas ficarao mais agressivos no transito, frenagens ficarao mais escorregadias e muito mais coisas!!!Otimo mod para deixar o GTA mais real e nao deixa seu GTA mais pesado!Voce tambem podera usar guarda chuvas.

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