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If you are fed up with your usual hairstyles, you can try out braided updo hairstyles which can match curly, straight and wavy hair are quite cool and suitable for nearly all kinds of situations. Updo with straight hair can leave you a formal look, yet the wavy hair can make you tender and more romantic.
If you have natural straight hair, the updo hairstyle will be the quicker way to create your hair.

If you have curly hair, you can first make it straight with the help of a straightening iron.
Besides, if you want to create an informal updo, you can fix your long hair into a bun and pull out a few locks from the sides of your face to soften and mess the look. If you want to create a formal style, you can opt for the French bun and pair it with some side parting bangs to create a charming and graceful look.

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