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These public speaking activities will help them become better communicators while having fun at the same time. Throughout their lives your kids will have to communicate, persuade and present to other people, both professionally and socially. To highlight the need for encouraging creative arts, the Amir Jan Art Academy organised a contest and held a two-day exhibition of paintings at the Town Hall here. Observe the Journey: Whilst driving, walking or on public transport, ask your child to describe as much of their surroundings as they can within one minute. The Woof Game: This hilarious game will build your child’s ability to think on their feet- essential for presentation skills. Imaginary Animal: Get a group of family members , neighbours and friends together with your kids. Paintings by prize-winning artists on display at the exhibition organised by Amir Jan Art Academy. Parents accompanied by schoolchildren arrived in large numbers to get a glimpse of the prize-winning paintings, which included those created by noted painters from different parts of the country.

But if you encourage your child to learn the many skills required for effective public speaking and presentations from a young age, and you make it fun, they will grow up to be confident communicators who can make a difference to their environment by using the right words at the right times to get the right things done.
Ask each group member to think of an animal and give them one minute to think of how they would describe that animal. Speaking on the occasion, Amir Jan said that in these days of electronic gadgets and television invasion, there was a great need to nurture creative skills among the people. Each member must then be questioned by their fellow members on the size, colour(s), habitat and other attributes until they discover what animal it is.
This will boost your child’s confidence as it will familiarise them with speaking to an audience as somebody with unique information.
Aged people who face a variety of problems in day-to-day life can find some respite through painting. Following a call from the organisers, the school managements also sent their students on a visit to the paintings exhibition. The prize-winning paintings at the recent national level contest were featured at the expo.

Sudhakar said that the present generation had immense talent and they needed encouragement at every available forum. About 64 painters took part in the contest and the best paintings were featured in the expo. Amir Jan Art Academy honorary president Amaravathi Krishna Reddy announced the list of best paintings. In his message delivered on the occasion, he said that they were giving all necessary support to the artists in their endeavour to protect creative arts such as painting.

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