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We are a friendly, uplifting and fun group of individuals who are passionate about becoming excellent speakers! If you are seeking to improve your communication and leadership skills in a fun and effective way, then this club is for you. ObjectivesOn completion of the training you wil be able to: s Begin and end a cal with greater confidence and efficiency. A standard greetingIdeal y each cal received within Learning Services should be answered with a standard greeting. Answering cal s effectively s Answer the phone promptly x within 3 rings is standard practice s Identify the Department and yourself immediately s Let the cal er hear you smile! Answering cal s effectively s Think about your words and how they might be received “He’s not in yet” – the cal er thinks: what’s wrong with this guy, can’t he get to work on time?
Taking better messages s Get complete information x Use a padx Record date and time s Spell names accurately x Don’t be afraid to ask how names are spelt – people wil be flattered s What does the caller want?

Anyone is welcome to visit our club meetings and find out more about the Toastmaster program. We are a local Toastmasters club, with a growing membership of fun and enthusiastic speakers.
If you interesting in "Effective Telephone Skills" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. For example: “Good morning, LINC Help Desk, Emma Whitfield speaking”or“Good morning, Lending Services, Jon Swift speaking” This wil ensure that the cal er knows he is through to the correct department, and that he has the name of the person he is speaking to. If you're looking to improve your speaking skills and want a friendly non-intimidating group to practice and get effective mentoring from, then this is the place to be! For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. Use the callers name if you can as it gives a personal touch and helps to establish rapport.

It provides you with information about the purpose of the cal that you can pass on in the message, or it may eliminate the necessity for a return call if you can help by providing the caller with the information required.
Our goals is to help everyone in the club become better speakers, more effective communicators and also to enhance our leadership skills!
It is OK to say “I don’t know but I’l find out for you” but ensure you fol ow this up by cal ing them back with an answer to their question.

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