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A well-equipped and updated outbound call center solution software is a great medium of communicating with existing as well as potential purchasers, thus resulting in greater productivity. The positive atmosphere helps them to deal with stressful situations and make the staff members feel valued and respected. Here are a few tips that help you to promote a balanced workplace culture and a suitable yet fun work environment. While it is true that a good-quality outbound calling software makes the job of telemarketers easier, it is important that a happy workplace and comfortable office surroundings are provided to the workers. A strong work culture combined with the best telemarketing software can work wonders for agents and prompt them to work harder and achieve the goals of an outbound calling process. One of my favorite quotes comes from Albert Einstein, where he says, “The most important decision that we ever make as human beings is:  Do I live in a hostile Universe or a friendly Universe?”  In other words, is life working in your favor, or is life working against you and out to get you?  I know it sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s monumental to the life and the results that you’re creating. Sign up now to receive value packed newsletters, tips, tools, and offerings that will inspire you in creating the life, success, and results you desire! However, there are a lot of other factors that play a major role in determining the efficiency of the worker. The callers spend a significant amount of time in the call centers and it is essential that the workplace offers employees a sound and healthy workplace environment. The agents spend their maximum time in contact centers, and hence it is important that their workplace inspires them and looks attractive. Use of plant, flowers and proper lighting can help in lifting the spirits and counter the stress levels. Under such conditions, the executives need some space where they can unwind and enjoy a quiet relaxing break. If the top-level staff is enthusiastic about aligning with the mission of the company, only then will the representatives develop a stronger connection with the call center.
Help them access applications and information on almost all the devices in every corner of the office. A sophisticated machinery increases agent productivity and also helps them get an edge over other companies.
This will help in maintaining transparency and shall also strengthen the bond between the admin and the executives. A healthy relationship with the managers makes them believe that their voice is being heard in the office. Hence, it is important that updated mechanisms and tools in working condition are made available. Personally owned items often help in increasing efficiency of the clients as they are more advanced than most of the call center tools and the callers are also more at ease and familiar with their usage.

The admin should continue to celebrate little successes of the workers and address the issues faced by them. This helps both the parties to identify their strength and weakness as well as increases camaraderie between them. Workers from various departments and management levels get a chance to interact and build connections. This gives them a chance to take a break from their desk and also helps in lifting their mood. The admin must align their expectations according to the realistic trends and economic conditions in the market. The manager must encourage them to raise their game slowly and effectively, one step at a time. A majority of the times, the callers are unhappy because they have less control or no decision-making capabilities at work. With continuous coaching models, the agents can be better equipped with resources to handle the customers.
Set in-person and one-on-one meetings with the staff and encourage them to talk honestly about what is bothering them. A good workplace and helpful companions play an integral role in the performance of the caller. Established in 2013, the company looks after providing IT solutions to medium and large-scale industries in order to streamline their productivity and improve efficiency.
Understanding that workers play a major role, PS was very critical about choosing the right employees for calling the customers. The sales list dropped; customers did not seem satisfied and one could sense a palpating tension while in the contact center.
Earlier, the employees had limited interaction and were seated at their desk most of the time. This was important because the workers would certainly feel intimidated in front the management and hence would not give the correct information. Games and activities were arranged after the training, outside in the garden, so that the employees got a chance to interact and team spirit developed.
The food joint is in an open space, allowing the workers to move out from the walls of the office and relax themselves. Allow them to take short intervals so that they can move around the office or even outside. Off-site agents have the opportunity of working from home, thereby cutting costs as well as increasing production.

Feedback should be given on both the positive as well as the development needs of the workers.
Monthly bonuses, quick surprise incentives can be a great way to encourage them and make them feel happy. While the managers may not agree with all that is said by the executives, listening to them shall make the top staff members understand their worries and concerns in a better way. This in turn will create a happy workplace and develops a sense of security and understanding among them. This not only keeps them healthy and stress-free but also makes them feel like an integral part of the company as steps are taken to look after their health. These can include an employee with lazy habits, poor work attitude or consistent bad performance. This gives both the agent as well as the management a clear picture of the challenges and barriers faced by the other person. Furthermore, have an anonymous complaint box where the workers can tell their issues freely without fearing about the implications.
They are the most valuable asset to the organization and should be respected and treated well. The company offers a multitude of services, including web design, web hosting, community portals as well as multilingual software development. The company also got reports of issues cropping up between the senior-level management and the workers in the call center. Effective training sessions were arranged for the callers, and the pitch script was changed. After thorough research, PS realized that the trouble was caused because of the lack of understanding between the employees and an improper and under furnished workstation. They were asked to look into the queries and problems of the callers and recommend effective resolutions.
The complaint box and discussions allowed them to clearly voice their opinions and problems in front of the executives. Bring in comfortable chairs, accessories like standing desks and arrange standing meetings.

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