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When creating a custom wedding ceremony, it is recommended that the standard outline of a ceremony be used to make it easier for guests to ‘follow along’.  Each element can then be personalized to create a distinguished and memorable event. Below is the most common wedding ceremony outline with tips on how it can be personalized to reflect your relationship. When the music begins, any living grandparents (that are physically able) would begin their procession down the aisle. During the opening commentary, your celebrant introduces him or herself and welcomes your friends and family to your ceremony. The unity ritual is the focal point of the wedding ceremony and can be highly entertaining to watch. Here is another opportunity to invite a close friend a relative to be a part of your ceremony.
This is a good moment in your ceremony to honor family and friends (living and deceased), who have played an important role in your lives. The officiator uses this opportunity to give final blessing and summarizes on the important elements of the ceremony. Your celebrant pronounces you Husband and Wife and you seal the deal with your first kiss as a married couple. The bride and groom lead the recessional back down the aisle, followed by the bridal party in the opposite order that they came in. Before personalizing your wedding ceremony, make sure you talk to your celebrant about their standard order of events as each officiator may have their own preferred way of performing this service. Another one of our custom chalkboard signs on display for April and Steven's wedding on Friday night.
CREATE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO DC GAMEUpdate to show my personal favorites to show my appreciation . Since many couples come from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds, it is becoming more popular for brides and grooms to create their own wedding ceremonies. Elaborate customs and rituals have developed around this rite of passage, however, as long as the exchange of vows meets your celebrants and governmental requirements, the rest of ceremony can be left up to your imagination.
If the guests arrive as a couple, the usher can just say, “Please follow me.” An usher is also responsible for handing out programs and exit favors when applicable.
The Mother of the Groom and Father of the Groom would come next, followed by the Mother of the Bride. As a couple, you can decide whether the groomsmen should escort the bridesmaids down the aisle or if you prefer them to enter with the groom beforehand.

The bride will then take her fathers right arm, standing on his right side, and begin her walk down the aisle.
They connect you with your guests because they come from the audience, not the bridal party. The bride and groom face one another, takes hands, and answer a series of questions whereby you are declaring what you are intending on doing-joining your lives in marriage. The celebrant, in a “repeat after me” style can read them, but composing your own set of vows is enthusiastically encouraged. Some ways of doing this is through Actions In Memoriam, Parental Vows, Giving Roses, Using a Photo Montage, Special Song, Signing a Marriage License and Ketubah Signing just to name a few. After the bridal party has exited, the parents of the couples will leave, followed by grandparents and other family members. Together you should come up with a plan that reflects your personalities but also makes you feel the most comfortable. This is most common when couples choose a unique location to say “I Do” like a beach, historic landmark or reception venue. For larger weddings, it may be more efficient for ushers to only escort guests with reserved seats, such as immediate family members, readers and VIPs.
It is recommended that immediate family members walking alone be escorted down the aisle by an appointed friend or relative as this can be a very emotional moment during the ceremony and having someone to walk with provides a great deal of comfort. They may also choose to say a few words about you and your philosophies of marriage, what marriage means to you and what it holds for your future.  The officiator may also share some more casual remarks should he or she have come to know you during marriage preparation. They can talk about how you met, fell in love, the different life adventures you have shared and ultimately, what has led you to this moment. A reading can be anything from a short poem, lyrics from a song, narrative from a book, or verse from a scripture.
There are many different takes on this ritual and can be customized to represent your overall wedding theme.
This act along can bring your ceremony to a whole new level, and will have your guests on the edge of their seats.
This section can also be switched with the first Unity Ritual or be eliminated all together. If you have bubbles, rose petals or something you want guests to shower you with as you exit, this is also a good place to have your celebrant make a little announcement about the directions upon exiting. At this point in time you may choose to have a receiving line in which you greet your guests and thank them for coming.

It is also a good idea to talk to family members about special traditions that may be important to them to include. Tags : Civil Union Wedding, Create Own Wedding Ceremony, Customized Wedding Ceremony, Marriage Timeline, SociaLife Event Planning, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony Order, Wedding Ceremony Order of Events, Wedding Ceremony Outline, Wedding Ceremony Timeline. In this case, ushers would welcome guests upon entering the ceremony location and invite them to sit wherever they wish. An alternative to a reading would be to ask a close friend or relative to tell a story about you. For example, if you are having a beach ceremony, you might want to do the sand ritual, or if you are having a rustic wedding, it would be appropriate to plant a tree. There is no better way to personalize your ceremony then through your own declarations of love.
Make sure you give readers plenty of time to prepare by providing them with their readings a number of weeks in advance. Being the center of attention can often times be embarrassing for couples, so make sure you feel comfortable with the layout you are creating. Traditionally, guests of the bride sit on the left while guests of the groom sit on the right; however, it is becoming popular for couples to ask guests to sit on either side to reflect the merging of two families.
Other rituals include: The Unity Candle, Wine Sharing, Handfasting, and Bread Breaking ceremonies. Always bring extra prints of the reading on the day of the wedding just in case someone accidently forgets their copy.
If you tend to get nervous in public situations, you might prefer the more traditional vows instead of saying your own. Regardless, this portion of the ceremony should be meaningful to you as a couple and solidify what was said during the marriage address. The possibilities and interpretations of this are endless and should reflect your personalities and interests.

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