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The combination of different logo images, texts, cool visual effects and special colors will give you endless amount of logo design possibilities. 3) Cool Text Fonts: Logo Maker provides 40+ stylish text fonts for you to add appeals for your logo design. If you need to insert this drop-down menu to the other cells, just simple select, copy and paste it, like any others.

Important: If you add, change or delete some values in the source of validation list, then only drop down menu will change, not values in the cells! In this example we use Validation Criterion that allows to select some value from a list of values. Example if the cell c5 chooses a certain name from the drop down menu in cell C5, then the choices in the drop down menu on D5 is different than if C5 had chosen a different item from the drop down menu.

Thanks for visiting!I painted a huge rainy day scene for a friend the other day and figured I’d go ahead and record the process for you guys since it is a really popular style and an easy technique even for beginners.

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