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Hello Friends!We are happy to announce the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in Philadelphia on April 10th, 11th, and 12th 2015.
The presentation we did for the Free Your Mind 3 Conference is now available to watch at this link:Mnemonic Mind Control -- Who Owns Your Thoughts? There is a very nice line up of knowledgeable speakers who will focus on Mind Control, The Occult, and Consciousness.
John and I are both very excited that we have been invited to speak at this year’s conference.
We will be creating a video presentation documenting the new digital mind control technology called mnemonic circles. This tool is being used to keep the majority of people in a constant trance state, rewrite memories, control behavior, and insert demonic energy.

This technology is now being used against all people who watch television, mainstream movies, play video games, use cell phones and computers. Ultimately, it aids in the manifestation of the dark, fear-based reality the illuminati desire.Quotes from the film Mnemonic Mind Control - Who Owns Your Thoughts?“The subconscious mind is the data storage center of the brain.
It recognizes simple shapes and colors and takes in any information the conscious mind cannot figure out. The subconscious is not just a storage center, however; it is in control of our five senses and it makes important decisions even before the conscious mind becomes aware of them. Sigils that have been around a long time have more power, especially if they are seen by millions of people every day. When you change your habits or just change your mind, you begin to form new pathways; you can actually “train your brain” this way.

However, if you are allowing someone else to train your brain, you are giving them the ability to reform and reshape the neural pathways of your brain for you. You begin to accept new perceptions as your own, not realizing it was an outside source that programmed your thoughts.”Live Your own Life.

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