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Schiano welcomes Tampa challengesFormer Rutgers coach Greg Schiano was introduced as the new coach of the underperforming Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle laid it all out in public for his underperforming Mavericks: get better or get out.
Dallas is now 15-13 after a 103-99 loss to Toronto on Tuesday, and the longtime Mavericks coach has had it with his team’s uninspired play.

This is probably just a tactic to light a fire under some of Carlisle’s players to get the effort and commitment out of them that he desires. After all, he can’t simply trade the entire team, though emboldened by a new contract, he certainly sounds willing to shake things up if nothing improves. And then we come in at halftime, we’re finally pissed, I get on their case and we decided to bust our ass in the third quarter, and we played a hell of a third quarter.

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