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The majority of these are in what’s referred to as the "$1 million club," thanks to “additional compensation” and bonuses that inflate coach salaries. Payroll isn’t made up of taxpayers’ dollars, but Reuben Fisher-Baum, the Deadspin reporter who created the map, explains that there are still a few problems with the trend. Namely, the revenue earned by winning teams doesn’t go back into the educational institution they represent. In May, a reporter at Deadspin released a carefully compiled map of the United States’ highest-paid public workers. The list of highest-paid active employees counts 27 football coaches, 13 basketball coaches, and 1 hockey coach.
The performance management process is intended to create an ongoing dialogue between the supervisor and employee. Plan:  Performance Management begins when the supervisor reviews the employee’s position description, creates the performance plan, and discusses it with the employee.
Coach:  The supervisor provides coaching and feedback throughout the year to help their employees successfully reach their goals.
Evaluate:  During the evaluation process, the supervisor may rely on multiple resources, such as the employee self-assessment, progress notes added during the year, accolades, and customer feedback to assess the employee’s performance.

Reward: The supervisor recognizes and rewards performance at year-end and during the year as merited. The leftover ten include five college presidents, a medical school chancellor, a medical school department chair, a medical school plastic surgeon, and a law school dean." class="">The breakdown counts 27 football coaches, 13 basketball coaches, and one hockey coach. After Reuben Fisher-Baum culled through state salary databases and various media reports, he tallied the findings.
One: These upper echelon salaries beat out those for all public employees, including state governors. In 2011-2012, Mack Brown was paid $5 million to lead a mediocre 8-5 Texas team to the Holiday Bowl. The Human Resources department recognizes the PCER (Plan, Coach, Evaluate, and Reward) model for facilitating the performance management process. The performance plan becomes a working document to be referenced, and revised if necessary, throughout the performance review period. The supervisor meets with the employee to discuss the evaluation, explain the ratings, and provide feedback about strengths and areas for improvement. Football coaches." class="">This map of the United States highlights each state’s highest earning employees.

Along with the map, Fisher-Baum explains that, no, payroll for coaches is not coming out of taxpayers’ pockets, but that, yes, these figures are still cause for concern. But visualizing this trend makes it quite clear that football is central to what we care about—or at least to what middle America values.
Through this process, best practices are utilized to create a performance plan, coach for successful completion of the plan, and complete the annual performance evaluation.
The supervisor and employee can each enter confidential progress notes into PATH at any time. The supervisor then completes the evaluation in PATH and sends it to the employee to acknowledge before formally closing the review in PATH. You don’t have to pay someone $5 million to make college football profitable in Texas. If nothing else, we can all get a kick out of Nevada, our nation’s only state to give a plastic surgeon the top prize.

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