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In this 3v3 game, you can get players to learn about providing support and being in the right position to cover when the ball is lost. A pass back to the player covering the defensive area of the team can be an attacking move because it can open up space on the other side of the pitch. In this game, rear support comes from the goalkeeper who must move out of his goal when the team is attacking. Goalkeepers have to support from the rear and be ready to get back if the team lose the ball. Set Up: Use as much space as possible, and have players 15 yards apart in pairs with one ball between them. There should be forward support to provide an attacking outlet and rear support to give a defensive outlet.

When the team is in possession of the ball none of the three players are allowed in their defensive end zone.
So the attacking team always has an empty end zone so the defending team can quickly attack if it wins the ball.
The defending team can have players in any zone, but when it wins the ball and attacks, all players including the goalkeeper must move out of the defensive end zone. Three lines of players with the Attacking line at the top of the grid, one Defending line (the Pressure) starting by the goal, and one Defending line 3-5 yards up the sideline depending upon ability. Defending team must send closest person to the ball to pressure, and other two players must find proper supporting angles to cover. On next command, players will perform specific dynamic movement to the next open ball (high knees, lunges, quad flex, etc).

4) Attacker dribbles and works on their moves going forward as defender SHADOWS them and works on pivoting as attacker moves forward and side to side. Coaching Points: Defending team must have closest person to ball pressure immediately, and other two defenders provide cover. If pressuring defender is beaten, then covering defender must quickly come up to pressure, and intial pressuring defender reCOVERS. Patience on defense, closing attacker off to either sideline or where help is depending on where they are on the field.

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