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Remember, we said earlier this week, the Fed was just a sideshow and the main event was in Japan.
To follow the stock picks of the world’s best billionaire investors, subscribe at Forbes Billionaire’s Portfolio. Today we want talk a bit about what these central banks have done, what they are doing and why it works. Okay, so QE hasn’t directly produced inflation and solved the world’s problems as the Fed might have expected when they launched it in late 2008.
The Fed has told us all along they want employment dramatically better, and inflation higher.
With that, their best hope to achieve those two targets (employment and inflation) has been through higher stocks and higher housing prices. The biggest fear investors have is another “Lehman-like event” that can crash stocks, the job market and the economy.
Now, despite what we’ve just said, and despite the aggressive actions central banks have taken in past years (including the BOJ’s actions last night to push interest rates below zero) and their success in manufacturing confidence and recovery, when stocks fall, people are still quick to talk about recession and gloom and doom.
With all of this in mind, any decline in stocks, driven by fear and misinformation, offers a great buying opportunity, not an opportunity to run. We’ll talk Monday about the very strong, and rational fundamental case for stocks to go much higher.

Currently, there is no specs and price info about this new Df-like camera, stay tuned for more info. The display of focal lengths in 35mm [135] format recorded in image Exif data has been corrected. The Nikon Df is a product that’s as much about invoking nostalgia as it is about capturing the moment.
Nikon caused quite a stir with the teaser campaign for the Df, mainly because it is a camera a lot of people have been asking for, for a long time. The Df is a pleasure to shoot with in good light and is capable of producing image quality consistent with its looks, pedigree and price tag. They make sense with older manual focus lenses, with their manual aperture rings, providing they can be focused accurately but models like the F100 and F6 are proven over those earlier models when used with autofocus lenses, and that includes the current G-series (which lack aperture rings). As it stands, Nikon may find the Df sidelined by both the D800, and the D600, which is a pity as the sensor is a superb performer in low light. To follow the stock picks of the world’s best billionaire investors, subscribe at Billionaire’s Portfolio. An error message is displayed and the shutter cannot be released when the lens barrel is retracted. An error message is displayed and the shutter cannot be released when the lens barrel is retracted.

Its control setup, though slower than a modern DSLR layout, will appeal to anyone who wants a camera that feels more like a camera than an electronic device.
One the one hand it has the first-rate sensor of the D4 in a much more compact and lighter weight body, but the choice of retro controls appears to be a step backwards. However, despite an excellent imaging sensor, we think too many compromises were made on such an expensive camera. To a great extent, Nikon has done a good job of combining the control logic of one of its film-era SLRs with the underpinnings of one of its contemporary models (or, at least, as well as could be expected).
It’s also built around an excellent sensor that offers a useful balance of low-ISO dynamic range, low noise at high ISO and sufficient resolution. Df has the same image sensor as Nikon D4, the low light ISO score for Nikon Df is 3279, while D4 is 2965. The problems come with the fact that those underpinnings come from the budget full frame model, the D610, and not the D800.

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