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Finally We Have The Solution To Help You Parent Her Through Her Self-Esteem Issues And To Improve Her Confidence! The definition of beauty comes from mainstream society instead of from God, which results in girls being unhappy with the way they look and basing for their value and worth on these unreasonable standards. As a parent, you see your daughter fight to be happy with herself and you want to be able help her. Why does my teen seem to struggle so much even though I love her and tell her that she is beautiful? What pressure does today’s mainstream media put on my teen that I didn’t experience when I was a teen? After years of experience, research and talking to many teens and parents, we found the best ways to help build a teen girl’s self-esteem and body image by truly relating to her. As a parent you have a tremendous role in helping establish your daughter’s self-esteem. The book states that one of the biggest influences on girls today regarding beauty is the media.

Our complete Self-Esteem & Body Image series includes everything you need to parent your teen through this difficult issue!You’ll learn EXACTLY what your teen is facing, how you can communicate with her, how to build a strong relationship with her and much more. This quick guide will provide you with 8 tips that are important to learn and use when parenting your teen, regardless of the issue she might be going through. This complete package provides you with resources for both you as a parent and your teen daughter. The ultimate solution to help you parent your teen daughter through self-esteem issues and to improve her confidence! This problem is growing more and more as teens are bombarded with media that portrays too-thin models and celebrities, with a constant message that all women need to look this way to be attractive and desirable. We know secrets for how parents can have a real impact on their teen’s life with proven communication methods that teens agree with and an inside look at what teens are really going through. But, if you don’t do something about this now it could lead to your teen becoming one of the 75% of girls with low self-esteem that engage in negative activities such as eating disorders, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking when feeling badly about themselves. They can be used individually or together in a variety of settings to get the best results.

But the bottom line is, are you Ready To Take Action and make a promise to your teen that you are going to do everything you can to learn to relate to her?
It is refreshing to read a book that speaks about things most women have struggled with, such as self-esteem and confidence with who God made us to be. You can buy both the parent and teen versions of Self Esteem & Body Issue for just $17.97! It provides you with parenting tips that will help you relate to your teen and improve your relationship with her.
By following our approach in Relate To Teens you WILL have a better relationship with your teen, find it easier to communicate with her and understand what she is going through. Once purchased, you will be immediately directed to a download page where you can download the PDF version of these books.

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