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Every day we are faced with decisions, with situations where the way we envision ourselves has an effect on the way we react, act or face certain situations.
If you have people in your life that you trust ask them to be honest about the things they appreciate or loath about you. Many forms of self loathing and insecurities stem from a false representation of how others feel about themselves.
No matter how hard you neat yourself over the things you blew, there must be things that you are pretty good at. The following is a list of activities that everyone can do in order to start increasing their self esteem and to become more confident.

Therefore, go for a thorough analysis of your own self – start with physical traits that you don’t like and continue through to the emotional and psychological issues that you can find within you.
Remember that everyone has some esteem issues, and that there are situations where even the most confident people will take a step back. Make an inventory of the things that you are good at, of the things that you achieved or are in the process of achieving. From the little things – saying thank you at the store, to actually helping people with serious business, these activities will build your confidence and will also do quite an interesting thing: you will be able to bask in their successes, happiness and achievements, whereas when you’re out to get everyone, you just end up alone and second-guessing yourself. Read through and try to apply the principles discuss in order to start building and never again get in your own way.
By doing this you will learn two things: how others see you and what the difference between what they see you as and how you see yourself is. Therefore, get a grip on the actual standard of self esteem – don’t expect perfection, but always stride for more.

Pit them against the problems of others in your life – that’s right – leverage yourself against the things others have done wrong and see why it is you are better than them.
Self confidence issues can be broken down to smaller, workable issues, so be through and decisive about whom you are in terms of flaws. Of course, there’s no need to act out, but just know inside yourself that you are better than many people in your life, and there must be many that are not as good at certain things as you are.

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