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Summary: OBJECTIVE To obtain a massage therapy position in a massage therapy or therapeutic environment.
Summary: Talented and creative bartender with more than 9 years experience in high volume environments. Summary: While my experience lies mainly in the food service industry I consider myself to be a very driven individual. That, of course, begs a definition of “strong.”  In this case, I would define a strong employee as one who is skilled and knowledgeable, willing to take on more responsibility than is required, works longer and harder than others, is a great communicator, loves a challenge, and is honest, loyal, respected, and respectful. Chances are good that you already have employees who have many of the characteristics I’ve listed here.
When you build a dream team, you will have employees who show up every day ready—and eager—to get to work. About the Author: John Tschohl is aninternationally recognized service strategist and founder and president of the Service Quality Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Customer Experience Magazine is the online magazine packed full of industry news, blogs, features, reports, case studies, video bites and international stories all focusing on customer experience. Paula is one of the top performers and trainers in the Network Marketing Industry worldwide. Kathy was the owner of a successful investment firm yet she lacked freedom from stress, responsibility and time to enjoy her financial success. Having graduated with an Honor degree at the University of Guelph, Sandy taught high school and became head of her department in her second year. Kerry’s background is Nursing Science, with a specialty in Critical and Urgent Care Nursing. Robin lives a very active life.  A dedicated Mom of two sons, Robin’s passion is teaching others how to build financial security. Randell is a commanding public speaker, a multi-million dollar earner and an internationally respected network marketing industry leader.
Rishon grew up with a single mother who had supported Rishon and her brother comfortably, as a network marketer.
In servant leadership and heart, paying it forward has always been important to Rita, she has been recognized for chairing and co-chairing national and local charities in raising over millions for causes that impact the lives of children & families.
Jon  is a pioneering entrepreneur, visionary, technical intuitive, mentor, and challenger of the status quo. Howard is a retired IBM executive and management consultant with 35+ years of strategy, marketing, business development, and technology experience. Pia & Jonas passion have always been to inspire people around the world to live their best life possible.
Bill has been a successful entrepreneur having owned and operated his own trade business since his early twenties. Passion, enthusiasm, commitment and integrity have been the cornerstones that have provided Dino Alvanos countless opportunities throughout his career choices. Joyce has always enjoyed being an entrepreneur and challenging herself to be her best as a parent, in her creative hobbies, her various volunteer work & her eclectic careers ranging from Dental Hygiene-Interior Design-Real Estate-Network Marketing. Tanice comes from a background in the Dental field with a specialty in oral surgery and pediatrics. Colleen’s background includes 15 years experience managing and overseeing the day to day operations of many large corporations. Rosie ?has dedicated her life to helping others have the best life they can have through many venues.  This includes her deep involvement in raising her four lovely children, 2 daughters and 2 sons,? as well as having been in the holistic field for the last 43 years studying, teaching and consulting in various wisdom traditions? such as? ?The ?Transcendental Meditation? Program?, Feng Shui, Ancient Vaastu Shastra? and various energy healing body work te?chnique?s?. Bob Farrell is a Board Certified General Surgeon and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Karen’s career started as a competitive figure skater and later coaching professionally while working full time with the RCMP. 10 years after she married her husband Borden, and with their 4 young children, she was introduced to network marketing. Susan has been a member of The Global Partners Group since the beginning of her career in network marketing. Armande is from Weldon, Saskatchewan and is among the top leaders in the network marketing industry.
Rachel became acquainted with a product and company that helped her lose the weight she wanted to lose but even more importantly helped her become the person she is today. When Rachel immigrated to Canada, she worked as a nurse in order to provide for her children, but business was still in her heart.
Janet’s background as a busy stay-at-home mother of five children, proved to be the perfect springboard to the next chapter of her life. She quickly found her new passion in network marketing and became an avid student of the industry.
Janet has found that sharing world class products and an opportunity with those who are looking for solutions, or for those who just want more, to be both meaningful and rewarding.
Working from home and building a business with the best of the best, while helping others to realize their goals and dreams: It just doesn’t get much better.
Pamela was introduced to residual income from a very young age being brought up in the Insurance World.
With a bit of spunk, tenacity and sheer ambition I carved a life as an entrepreneur, eventually building one start up to a quarter million in annual sales. Now…seven years as a full time Network Marketer and having led global organizations to produce millions in annual sales, ultimately helping people become job optional, it is home for me.
Lorraine has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for the past 30 years and continues to work while building her Network Marketing business. I had severe on going health issues in past and after 18 plus major surgeries over the years I finally looked into alternative ways which led me to multi-level marketing which I have been doing now for past 24 years, it was through this that I have regained my health and a passion to help other people do same. Another passion of mine is Africa, being part of bike for Africa, raising money for people in need! Born in Tijuana, Melody Vela was raised in Chula Vista; she comes from a mixed background of Mexican, Guatemalan, Irish and Italian background and calls her self-LATINA. Willis June 16, 2016 How to Keep the Focus on Staff Productivity during the Summer Robert Bates June 15, 2016 Can You Call in Sick?
My mantra over the years has been, “Train, train, train.” You must spend the time and the money to educate your employees on your products and services, but you also must provide them the skills that will make them great communicators.
We got report cards in school for a reason: We—and our parents—needed to know where we were in the learning process and what we needed to do to get to where we needed to be. Described by USA Today, Time and Entrepreneur as a “customer service guru,” he has written several books on customer service and has developed more than 26 customer-service training programs that have been distributed throughout the world.
She spearheaded the expansion of four different companies into Europe, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in business. Changing careers, Sandy went into direct sales, becoming the second top person in that company for sales for most of the 13 years she was there.
Kerry is involved with numerous charitable organizations, including being a certified trainer for the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation, a coordinator for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Foster parent to several children through World Vision, and a member of the Lions Club. She is an accomplished musician, writing, producing and performing music on the mandolin, harmonica and keyboards and holds a BA in French and History, with graduate work in music. Her love of traveling led her to teach on the island of Crete, the United States, Canada and Mexico, and later become the Co-Director of the International Association of Educators. This has been life changing!   If you want to grow professionally, financially, personally and physically you have not done this business right until you have worked with me and The Global Partners Group. From grading performances of new Nursing graduates to teaching CPR, Lorrie held a senior position as Supervisor at the hospital. He is recognized as an innovator and has a reputation and passion for developing and mentoring talent. Pia?s background is +30 years in the health and wellness industry, with large successful teams under her wings. Spending over 10 years in airline management, 8 years in the insurance sector, not mentioning his world championship title in latin dance, Dino has always followed his dreams and exceeded his goals.
By combining all of her skill-sets, she has found her home & significant success in Network Marketing. He also has publications in the field of thermoregulation and has an MSc in Exercise Physiology. As well she modelled for years and was awarded many titles, such as Miss Manitoba and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. Working from home, setting her own hours and still being there for her family was a key factor in joining the MLM industry. Along with being an independent distributor with Jeunesse, Kim currently works full time as an operating nurse in surgical daycare, and is working part-time to finish her nursing degree. It was an absolute game changer in her life and she is so grateful that person thought of her and made that call.
She started her career in sales, selling jewelry in a large chain of jewelry stores across Canada, becoming their first female supervisor.
When Rachel met her husband Rob, she was working two jobs and this was resulting in health challenges.
She would soon discover that raising a large family and building a network marketing team, required many overlapping skills.
Under the exceptional mentorship, training and support of The Global Partners Group, she has enjoyed many successes along the way. She was introduced to Direct Sales in 2001, and loved the idea of having a creative outlet while earning extra income and incentives. During this time I took courses and trainings and became a Biofeedback Specialist which I still currently do. She has a BA in theatre with a specialization  in acting and has acted and sang from Texas to California. They live on a farm near Dawson Creek, British Columbia where 12 head of horses keep them very busy. Having worked corporate and field side he is understanding of the needs required to build a successful organization and he has been featured in multiple Network Marketing publications. He has held positions on the Certifying Board of General Dentistry and the Texas Dental Association Board of Officers.
She has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia where she taught French to Adults for the Vancouver School Board and also worked in the medical claims department of a Travel insurance company. Bilingual and bi-cultural, Melody loves to meet new people, dance to new music and taste new foods. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.
An employee can know your products inside and out, but if he can’t communicate with your customer and understand and meet that customer’s needs, his knowledge is of no benefit.
While money might be a short-term motivator, it will not produce the desired results over the long term.
On a quarterly basis, meet informally with employees to give them feedback on their performance during the past three months. She has built organizations totaling over 200,000 people in more than 15 different countries.

Part-time, Kathy quickly made it to the top position.  She left the investment industry to become a full time network marketer. Over the last 20 years, Judy and her husband Ian have built a large international network marketing business and are considered, one of the top leaders and trainers in the industry.
After 6 months in network marketing, Sandy climbed to the top position and became an international corporate trainer. Widowed, mother of four, financially challenged, depressed and stressed, Kerry realized that Network Marketing was her chance to change her life. Degree in Dental Hygiene but very quickly became part of the network marketing profession also.
While working three jobs, Judy saw the network marketing industry as an opportunity to use her love of teaching to grow an international business.  Teaching others how to own their own home-based business became her passion. Kim was one of only 16 certified vocational evaluators in Canada and held Board Positions for organizations representing her profession in Canada and the US. While nursing, she started a direct sales business to help support her three young children. In 1990, Debbie joined the board of the local ALS chapter (Lou Gehrig’s disease) to lead marketing and fundraising.
First introduced to network marketing in 1980, Howard never lost sight of its capacity for exceptional return on investment and residual income.
Her practice of 28 years serves a diverse clientele of business professionals, families, athletes and entertainers. Former Vice President for some of the largest sports-centers in Sweden, top NIKE sponsored athlete, renowned speaker and educator is part of her journey.
His passion for offering exceptional service and workmanship, presented with kindness and professionalism, has led to him building a tremendous and admiral reputation across two large regions in Ontario.  He has always had a passion for helping others see the potential within themselves. He served in the Canadian Military from 1986 to 2006 and has been involved in several International tours with both the United Nations and NATO retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She is the mother of two young boys, and finds great support from her husband, and the phenomenal leadership from her team. Within a year she was making a six figure income, the following year bought her first home and was introduced to the love of her life through a network marketing connection. While teaching clinical instruction to nursing students, Rachel began a garment factory as she saw the need for quality uniforms in her region. This character development is what motivates Rachel to help people experience a quality life and the life of their dreams! When introduced to a network marketing opportunity six years ago, Janet immediately saw this as a perfect transition and a timely new challenge as she and her husband Jim would be preparing for their retirement in the upcoming years. After working with adults in a critical care setting for 15 years ; She then completed the Neonatal Critical Care course and works full time at NICU in Regina,SK.
In 2007, she transitioned into Network Marketing and was introduced to the incredible support of the GPG, which expanded her awareness of the possibilities this industry offers.  Lorraine is passionate about cooking, photography, personal growth, challenging herself to reach new goals, as well as inspiring and empowering others to shift, to change, to take action, and to achieve greater heights of personal and business success.
We have 2 beautiful children who have been blessed us with 5 awesome Grandchildren who still all live here in Dawson.
This past summer I was introduced to Jeunesse by a dear friend and I looked into company, products, the support and trainings and the rest is history!
His mastery is developing simplified training systems for faster duplication and has proved it with teams expanding in the 10′ of thousands.
Always heard I inspire people in walking that extra mile in an industry where resources are pushed to the limit!
He sold his private practice to retire and work part time, that part time became full time as President and senior Partner in a dental group. She then moved on to become Project Coordinator for French education programs for adults and had her own translation business.
She is very proud to have already traveled to over 45 countries and will not die until she can see 35 more. The next question, of course, is how do you get those people and build a dream team that will drive the success of your organization?
They also drag others down with their lack of enthusiasm; they de-motivate those around them.
She has made it to the top of every company she has been involved in and has done it with style, ethics and professionalism. Kathy’s success, both corporately and in the Network Marketing arena, has made her a valuable consultant to network companies.
Over the years, they have helped thousands of distributors increase their personal wealth throughout the world. Their loyal support for their team has been consistent with helping others achieve financial success.  The professionalism and unsurpassed support of the Global Partners Group is continually producing top leaders in their business. After 5 years, Sandy was hired to head up a project supplying corporate clothing to one of Canada’s largest banks.
The Global Partners Group has helped her cruise around the world twelve times and live her dream life.  Stress and depression are a thing of the past. She has served as President of the Philadelphia Women’s Culinary Guild and has 15 years of experience in sales and marketing in the seafood industry. As a leader in the Global Partners Group, Judy’s communication skills, her people skills and love of people have helped her build a tremendous international business.  Judy now lives part of the year in Ontario Canada and British Columbia, her life long goal. In 2012, Kim retired from her career to pursue network marketing full time and in 5 years, has built a large international business. We noticed that our conversations with fellow leaders are hopeful, inspiring, exciting, supportive, encouraging of others and ambitious.
And then deliver by shining light to the path that will help them overcome their challenges to do what they need to become who they really are. 500 fastest growing privately held companies list for 2004.  He is a dynamic, inspiring and engaging speaker, challenging audiences to break through mediocrity, rethink assumptions and do the “hard” things that lead to lives of meaning and significance. In 1992, Debbie founded Epic Events and spent the next 12 years creating events for clients including the Central Park Conservancy and The Museum of Natural History. In 2009, when his wife, Debbie, joined the Global Partners Group, the potential to leverage their time through duplication of the GPG strategy, mentoring and execution model proved compelling and led Howard to join her. On-call for many Broadway theatres, hotels and performance venues in the New York City area, she has treated singers, dancers and actors at their most critical moments.
Jonas background is 25 yrs in the construction industry, last 5 with his own surveying business.
Tammy studied Fashion Retail Administration in College and has spent many years in the retail industry. Not just a career but a lifestyle choice allowing professional freedom, a path to financial freedom supported by quality of life – both professional and personal. Through this experience, Colleen has learned the value of customer service and teamwork, and has also organized many fundraising events in the community.
In 2005, together with his wife Heather Penwell, they opened Havenwood Medispa, a cutting edge facility dedicated to non-surgical medical aesthetics in Conception Bay South Newfoundland which was featured on the Popular program the Dragons Den. She was able to take all the experience she had in coaching, marketing and running her own business to see early success in this industry.
Kim’s story gives hope to anyone who thinks they are unable to be successful in this company.
With a view for diversification she branched out into the spa industry and became a clinical esthetician.
She now owns an esthetics studio in Halifax Nova Scotia and is following her passions health, wellness, esthetics and network marketing on a daily basis. Then as Real Estate demands increased, Rachel expanded her business to include curtains because these new houses would want quality curtains.
Kerry grew up in Edmonton, he attended college in California for 3 years on a football scholarship before completing his firefighter training in Alberta . She loves that this industry offers an amazing platform to help people tap into their true potential, and make their dreams a reality. It is such a Blessing to be able to share such high end science backed products with a system to follow as I plan to grow this business dramatically locally plus globally and its great knowing will be supported every step of the way. One more career was in store for Cissy when she was introduced to Amway while living in CA.
She has been involved with horses and rodeo from a very young age and still competes today. He believes Network Marketing is fascinating because it gives average people an opportunity to earn above average income. Now I want to inspire people within the network marketing industry, my vision “owning yourself” as stated by Paula Pritchard! I want to grow my team and inspire more people to reach their goals, live their dreams, believe in themselves and taking leadership! She has served as Front Office Manager in her husband Dan’s dental office in Austin, and most recently as a Real Estate Agent from which she retired to work full time in their Jeunesse business.
Melody earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology from SDSU and her Master’s in Business Administration. The quarterly review gives employees an opportunity to improve; the annual review lets you know whether or not employees are willing to do what is necessary to remain with your organization.
If Bob and Carol are making the same salary, but Bob is doing one-third the work Carol is doing, it doesn’t take a genius to predict that, in time, Carol’s drive to perform at the highest possible level will dissipate. She is an author and has been featured in numerous industry magazines and has provided trainings for tens of thousands of distributors around the world. Ian & Judy are respected international leaders and sought after trainers in the industry. Now under her own company name, Sandy expanded those accounts to include Credit Unions and some of the largest legal firms throughout Canada.
Now through coaching and mentoring, she helps others join her in a life of Fun, Financial and Time Freedom, and Balance. With the Global Partner’s Group, Robin tripled her full time income with her part time business in just three years and has now “retired” from her day job.  She is an exceptional trainer, speaker and coach and one of the top leaders of GPG. In partnership with the Global Partners Group, Kim helps others realize their entrepreneurial potential.
Lorrie is also an accomplished keynote speaker and trainer for many Women’s Networking events. Debbie moved to Greenwich, CT in 2004 establishing Designs By Deborah, an interior design firm published within its first 3 years.
In 2002 she was selected to enter the Manager Trainee Program with Sears Canada in Ontario.  In 2006 she began managing her husband’s high end fireplace and outdoor kitchen business.
Who could ask for anything more?” Joyce learned firsthand the true meaning & “gift” of residual income when her family was faced with a major health crisis in 2009.
Colleen entered the network marketing industry quite recently through her introduction to Jeunesse Global and The Global Partners Group, and quickly recognized the value and benefits of growing a strong network of people and earning residual income by helping others realize their dreams. In addition to running a surgical practice, his business experience is varied and includes owning and operating a fishing lodge, a medical spa and most recently as part owner of a restaurant along with his wife. 6 years ago she joined the Global Partners Group where she finally found the Business TEAM she had been looking for.

With great leadership, phenomenal teamwork, determination, and a little effort anyone can build this business! Armande was so successful that she was asked to teach retail sales in the Prince Albert Community College. With Rob’s encouragement, Rachel returned to her passion of helping people and motivated her to launch her MLM business in which she advanced very quickly.
Kerry followed up by completing his advanced care paramedics and has been a Fire training captain, teaching and mentoring for the last 10 years.
She wanted to work from home and became involved in Network Marketing and never looked back. She has earned a six figure income over the years and preaches time freedom as a huge advantage with our industry. She has a great passion in sharing her knowledge and experience with up and coming barrel racers of all ages and levels including her two step daughters. His successful career has enabled him lifestyle rewards including incredible trips around the world supporting his network. Subsequetntly, after great loss, and serious health issues, she moved to Florida where she met her husband, Bruce. She has worked as a peer advisor, counselor, coordinator, consultant, manager, and director of various programs but never network marketing until NOW! Make it your goal to catch your employees doing something right every day and then publicly praise those employees. Paula’s techniques have made her a multi-million dollar earner and helped her create many successful leaders and millionaires in the industry.
Kathy has been featured in industry magazines and trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Missing the residual income from network marketing, Sandy went back to Network Marketing and has been very successful,  Sandy is famous for her closing techniques.
For 29 years Randell created, headed up and implemented a NWM training and leadership program. Seven years ago she became part of the Global Partners Group and very quickly became one of its top leaders. Kim teaches that successful entrepreneurship requires a strong business support system that Kim has received from the Global Partners Group. Lorrie spent many years fundraising for the Cancer Society, Women’s Shelters, and local churches and communities as part of a singing group. For years, I worked in recruitment, which I truly enjoyed, especially with all its interesting challenges of finding the needle in a haystack. Alison is a pioneering entrepreneur, speaker, strategic business & personal success coach, and avid supporter of network marketing.
Debbie discovered network marketing in 2009 and quickly established herself as a leader in the Global Partners Group.
He is also a digital technology enthusiast with a YouTube channel of vocal recordings exceeding 1 million views.
When entering the NM profession, they quickly established themselves as International Leaders, dedicated to help people make their dreams come true. Her main focus was to offer an exceptional customer service experience to their valued clients.
She feels fortunate to be able to continue to share this “gift” with others and help them find success & change their lives beyond what they ever imagined! It wasn’t until she connected with the Global Partners group, that she realized this industry could allow her to be home with her children while making a lucrative full time income.
Her years of experience in coaching figure skating, competitive hockey teams and creating power skating programs has given her valuable insight into developing human potential, while helping people grow their business successfully.
Cissy loves continuing to be a student of our industry and feels she has found a little bit of Heaven with The Global Partners Group, Kathy Robbins and Paula Pritchard as her sponsors and of course our company Jeunesse. Growing up as a competitor has taught her the value of hard work, dedication and perseverance.
Having graduated music college Tibor?s other passions include playing music, skilled in several instruments he is most at home drumming.
Melody started telling others about Jeunesse after becoming a very satisfied customer and when Shoot 4 Sapphire promo came around she ran for it and won the $6000 bonus.
They continue to be committed to helping their team members achieve financial peace of mind. She is an excellent speaker and trainer and has built a business that is international in scope. Kim will soon relocate to Australia with her family to take advantage of the vast International market. From her Ontario dream home, Lorrie is actively building a successful international business and is part of a team consisting of top leadership in the industry. Then I helped open and run a retail pastry shop, which gave me a lot of insight into the struggles and dreams of entrepreneurs.
She and her husband Howard credit GPG with enabling them to build a strong team and a solid foundation for residual income growth and sustained success.
She has a deep felt passion for training and educating others to help them make decisions that best suit them and their family.? Tammy and Bill share their lives with their four amazingly supportive children.
It’s an amazing group to be a part of.  Colleen, along with her husband Kevin, have two very active and amazing children, who will, no doubt, follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps. After receiving her RN she attended George Brown College in Toronto and completed her diploma in critical care medicine.
Pamela then realized the power of leveraging your time while building a business from the comfort of your own home. Marti is also a Competitors Edge Coach and although she is new to the Network Marketing Industry, she has found using her mental mindset training very useful to build her business and help her team. Currently, Estelle works with Bruce as Director of Sales for his massage education company, SpiriPhysical.
Melody is proud to be a member of The Global Partners Group and loves the support and training she has received from the GPG. Move people around so that they have a sense of the operations of the entire organization, and encourage them to bring new ideas to each process involved. She gives back by volunteering her time with the Canadian Diabetes Association and Santa’s Anonymous. Lorrie displays integrity, honesty, and gratitude for everyone she works with and has inspired her in her lifetime.
After we sold that business I did my eat, love, pray sabbatical to figure out what was next. Prior to these enterprises, she founded the National Initiative for Civility Encouragement to more respectful and responsible work environments, which continues to be one of her speaking topics today.
Janet taught high school Biology, Health, Physical Education and coached young women athletes. She has successfully balanced being a full time wife, mom to young children, and becoming a leader and business women in the network marketing world. They joined GPG in Sept,2014, and the support of the GPG has made them love network marketing and the opportunities that it has provided. With a plethora of Network Marketing companies to choose from, Pamela realized there was not one that had the support and integrity that GPG had to offer.
He feels building relationships is the most important part of having success in life and in business.
They launched their own skin care line and Estelle became a skin care specialist in order to support Bruce in teaching massage therapists the benefit of skin care products and their ingredients while creating an additional income stream.  Estelle found Jeunesse about sixteen months ago, and truly feels that she was given her life back. I desired something I could really align with—because if I believe in something, it’s a done deal! She had the privilege of competing internationally on the USA National Olympic Handball team while also serving as officer of the USA Handball Federation and delegate to the USA Olympic Committee. Tanice and her husband Steve have traveled every year all expenses paid for the past 4 years, and have helped others do the same. She is a wonderful speaker and is very passionate about her career, her family and impacting people’s lives.
She and Ole, with no previous experience in the industry, went right to the top rank called Diamond and became the top earners in that company. His income has consistently mirrored the corporate earning expectations for each position he achieved. As leaders, we understand that we are always the ones who have to do first what we want done, or be what we want others to become.
The Global Partners Group is exactly what I was looking for and the support and encouragement has been amazing.
Tanice and Steve have enjoyed the freedom to build this business anywhere while keeping their immediate family unit together. Bliss Murphy Cancer center as a certified chemotherapy nurse.? She has been actively involved in the Medical Aesthetics industry for over 10 years now. Karen is a firm believer that if you set your mind to it, lay out a clear plan and take action, anything is possible!
Randell divides his time between Germany and America building his business and is often in Rwanda as part of his personal humanitarian mission. My other loves are photography and poetry, because they’re both about capturing the moment—and life is all about being mindful of the moment.
Janet currently volunteers with Vets Help and Team Patriot – organizations that provide assistance to returning Veterans, their families and the abilities community overall. Tanice has a passion for teaching women to be strong entrepreneurs without forfeiting their priority roles of being mothers, wives, and strong people in the community. Heathers vision is to improve peoples lives by helping them look better, feel better and enhance their overall well-being through non-surgical medical aesthetics ,diet and exercise. She is a strong advocate of heart health, especially involved in raising awareness with women, and has been an integral member of the Broadway Show softball league for almost 3 decades. In the past her organizational abilities and business sense have rewarded her with Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Business of the Year through NLOWE in 2006 and 2007. When you’re awake and conscious to that magic, the moment expands, and bigger things become possible.
In addition to her recent endeavor as an Independent Distributor with Jeunesse she continues to run a full medical aesthetics practice, a restaurant and family as well.
Janet has been involved with Global Partners Group for several years with great admiration for its leaders in Network Marketing.
She’s grown tremendously from their mentorship and has experienced life-changing moments in the process. She thrives from coaching others on the value of this occupation; helping them achieve goals and overcome hurdles to live the life they want…all while in the supportive community of Global Partners Group.

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