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While Joshua and Brayden focused on birdseed in their study, Alexandra investigated whether birds preferred fruit or seeds. In recognition of their hard work, Joshua and Brayden’s report was published in the 2012 issue of BirdSleuth Investigator, our student publication.
Much has changed for our student publication over these past 16 years, but it’s mission remains the same: to motivate and inspire students to investigate and explore the natural world around them.
Experimental studies are just one of the many forms that BirdSleuth Investigator submissions can take. BirdSleuth K-12 creates innovative resources that build science skills while inspiring young people to connect to local habitats, explore biodiversity, and engage in citizen-science projects. Our mission is to be Ambassadors of Lifestyle, providing Experience and Opportunity to those who are outside of the Box as we Redefine Mainstream Media networks one picture at a time. As a member of the Renagade Girls we teach and train you how to become a model, a brand ambassador, intern within our media networks company; which includes a worldwide network of Social Media Marketing, Internet Radio, Magazines, and Promo Events for Companies and Sponsors.
In a year’s time you will have a portfolio as a brand ambassador, promo model, and experience working in media related trades.
A group of secondary English students in Kangiqsujuaq participated in a pilot project offered by Blue Metropolis entitled 'Voices from Quebec'. According to a study conducted by 7th graders Joshua and Brayden from Wilson, NY, pricey birdseed might be worth the extra money. When the publication first began in 1998, it was called Classroom BirdScope and had a newspaper-style design. The Next Generation Science Standards specifically identify “planning and carrying out investigations” as an essential part of learning about science.

With the help of professional writers, photographers and sound engineers, the two groups worked tirelessly throughout the year to attain their goal of sharing their rich Inuit culture through media. This project provided students with an opportunity to create a radio-documentary about their community which was then posted online in the form of a podcast.
The purpose of the project was for students to explore, express and share thoughts about their community. These students put out two identical bird feeders, one with an expensive birdseed and the other with a cheap birdseed, and recorded how much seed birds ate from each of the feeders. We’ve recently modernized BirdSleuth Investigator and made it available as a free download on our website as well as printing it as a high quality, glossy, magazine-style resource. Seeing their work in print is extremely rewarding and exciting for students, and helps them to realize that their work is truly important. Here at BirdSleuth, we believe that this really is the most effective way to for students to learn science, which is why our Investigating Evidence curriculum is focused on inquiry based learning and teaching students how to conduct their own scientific investigations.
To add even more interest and depth to her work, she included tables and drawings to accompany her writing.
Keep reading in order to discover the details of their projects and where you can find their published work.
In order to prepare for the task and ensure their success, the students worked with a professional author (Joseph Graham) and sound engineer (John Sellekaers) who travelled to Kangiqsujaq in February.
In addition to their talented and dedicated teacher, the students in Aupaluk were fortunate enough to benefit from the aid of an accomplished author (Carolyn Marie Souaid) and photographer (Monique Dykstra). When they analyzed the data they collected, they discovered that our feathered friends have expensive taste!

Printed copies are just $1 each when you purchase 10 or more so that you can get a copy for each student in your class to take home. Whether you explore them online, print them yourself, or order copies from us, it is easy to use the magazine to inspire your students! A middle school student named Quaran got his poem about an encounter between a cat and Blue Jays published in the fall 2011 issue. After the visit, students began collecting images, sound bites and stories in order to assemble their documentary. In February, the author worked with the students to help them organize their ideas and writing on the topic of “Activities and pastimes in Aupaluk: the things we like, the things we do”, while the photographer provided them with a workshop on how to snap extraordinary photos to accompany their writing.
The result: a beautiful, culturally relevant and descriptive piece that displays not only the students’ level of dedication but also their attachment to their culture and community. After several months of hard work, the students’ photo essays were published in a book entitled “Quebec Roots: The Place Where I Live 2009”.
We’ve published drawings, photos of bird models, crossword puzzles, and more.  We look forward to seeing what your students have to share!
Three students were chosen from the group to travel to Montreal with their teacher to represent their class at the book launch in Montreal.
While in Montreal, students met the participants from other schools across Quebec, authors, photographers, and representatives from the Blue Metropolis Foundation.

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