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Heather Mills is ready re-launch her career as a dancing ice maiden after putting on her skates for this weekend’s Dancing on Ice show.
Re-emerging on reality TV after a year in the shadows following her bitter divorce from Sir Paul McCartney in 2008, Mucca says nothing could stop her from taking to the ice.
Hook up with a club or your local Les Mills team, do the training, get assessed and then take center stage.
The first step on your path to becoming a Les Mills certified instructor is to locate a facility near you that offers the Les Mills program you want to teach. After you successfully complete your two-day Initial Training, you will then need to send us a video of you teaching, called your assessment video.
After we have reviewed your assessment video, you will receive either a "PASS," which means "Congratulations, you’re a fully certified LES MILLS™ instructor!", or a "RESUBMIT," which means you need to spend a bit more time polishing your technique before resubmitting another assessment video. As soon as you receive your LES MILLS instructor certificate, you can start teaching your own classes. As a BORN TO MOVE teacher you’ll teach classes exclusively for children and teens, bringing out the joy, vitality and self-esteem that comes with motivational movement – and watching young people thrive. Get involved with BORN TO MOVE and you could become a champion of change for youth in your community.
LES MILLS GRIT™ is hardcore - so the people who teach LES MILLS GRIT have got to be pretty hardcore too. The path to becoming a LES MILLS GRIT coach is similar to becoming a LES MILLS™ instructor. First you need to team up with a club that offers the program you want to teach. LES MILLS SPRINT™ is a brand new cycle workout built on the science of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Join the growing tribe of LES MILLS SPRINT coaches and you’ll receive intensive training, learn how to motivate people to smash their limits, and discover how to consistently pack out your classes. Get in touch with your local Les Mills team to find out more about training in your region. Back at the dark palace, her father offers her a drink, to which she rudely replies, "Do I look like I need a drink?".
Rumplestiltskin gets angry and grabs her face, telling her that the heart of a horse won't do, and that she needs to use the heart of the thing she loves the most.
When Emma is arrested by Graham for "stealing" Hopper's files on Henry, Regina triumphantly interrupts Mary Margaret's science lesson to speak to Henry.
After coma patient David Nolan goes missing, Regina goes to the hospital, as she is his emergency contact. If you’ve got the right attitude and a willingness to see the journey through, you’ll soon be packing classes and changing lives.Sign up today!
If you're not sure which program you want to teach, please review all of the programs we offer here. After selecting an event, you will need to create an account in the Instructor Portal in order to register for an Initial Training.
This is ensure your workouts are safe and effective, and you’re instructing to your full potential.
You will be given details on what areas specifically you need to improve in the second video. You’ll contribute to the health and vitality of young peoples’ lives through the development of positive attitudes to physical activity.
It incorporates the latest fitness techniques and is designed to inspire a love of movement.
Get skilled in the latest high-intensity interval training trend that is scientifically proven to get results. If you’re already a Les Mills instructor, the unique LES MILLS SPRINT training will open up a new approach to teaching, reinvigorate your training and arm you with fresh coaching skills. She was once a kind-hearted soul, but thanks to corruption from her mother Cora Mills and the death of her true love, her life has become bitter and dark, she eventually becomes known as the Evil Queen. She says she comes bearing a gift, but her gift is actually a curse which Regina reveals it will rip everyone from the things they love, and all happiness in the realm will be destroyed once and for all. She retaliates that her true love was murdered ages ago, but then she realizes that she still loves her father, and she has to rip his heart out.
When Emma Swan returns Henry back home, Henry states that he does not wish to go home as Regina is evil. She goes to find Sheriff Graham, and finds out that Emma is still here, behind bars at the police station as the previous night Emma passed out after having a drink of Regina's strong apple cider.
She reads the part about herself, as the Queen, threatening to tear away everyone's happiness, but notices that the last pages are torn out and missing. She tells him that Emma has been arrested for stealing files, and says that she's a con-woman trying to take advantage of them.
Next, use our Find a Class function on the website to find the closest licensed facility that offers that program here.

Once you've registered, you'll receive an email from us with detailed info on how to prepare for your training. Details on how to complete your assessment video will be explained in detail during your Initial Training, but we recommend you spend a few weeks honing the skills you learned during training before you record your video and submit to your local Les Mills team for review. Snow tells her that she is nothing more than an evil witch, and David attempts to kill her with his sword, but she vanishes into smoke, back to her dark palace. Suddenly, a face appears in the mirror, complimenting her upon her threat, and asks how she's going to destroy everyone's happiness. Regina returns to the dark palace, where she reluctantly rips her father's heart out, which activates the Dark Curse. She questions Henry about this, but Henry tells her that the book is old and stuff's missing. After Emma, Graham, Mary Margaret and Henry find David and return him to the hospital, Abigail arrives and claims to be David's wife. Once you’ve selected a facility, contact the facility’s group fitness director to inquire if they are looking for new instructors. This email will include info on the two tracks you will need to learn and present during your Initial Training.
You’ll get ongoing education and support, both online and live, so that you are constantly building your skills. Regina responds, saying that she is going to use the Dark Curse, which she traded to someone in exchange for the Sleeping Curse. She asks where Henry has been, to which Henry snaps that he found his real mom and runs inside.
Emma hasn't got a clue, but makes a deal with Regina and Sheriff Graham; if they let her out of the cell, then she'll find Henry for them. Regina tells him that she doesn't like what Emma Swan or the storybook is doing to Henry, but says that both are no longer an issue thinking that Emma had left town.
Regina, thinking that she has won, sits at her desk doing her paperwork until she hears the roar of a chainsaw. Regina explains all of this, but Emma senses something dodgy about it and questions her on it. Successfully completing this step will ensure you have a job as an instructor once you complete your Les Mills training! BORN TO MOVE teachers receive three new pre-choreographed releases for each age group every year and a library of tracks you can dip into to keep those lively minds engaged.
She goes to the Forbidden Fortress to retrieve it back again from the woman who traded her the sleeping curse for it, Maleficent. Emma confirms that she is Henry's birth mother, and Regina invites her inside for a glass of apple cider. Regina accepts the deal, and Emma uses her tracking skills to figure out that he used the credit card of one Miss Mary Margaret Blanchard to find his birth mother. However, when the town clock begins chiming again, Regina finds out that time has started and Emma is still in Storybrooke, so she visits Emma's apartment with a basket of apples, offering them to her and saying that she's sure Emma will enjoy them on her drive back to Boston. She looks out of the window to see Emma cutting up her apple tree as revenge for framing her. Instead of getting angry at Emma, she says that Emma using the security cameras to locate David was a stroke of genius, and tells Emma to bask in the glory while she can. Garlock found on firing up the engine salst week that the timbers were too light to hold it in place, and went over to Tehachapi to haul out heavier ones.A  This will necessitate perhaps a fortnight delay, and Messrs.
When Emma tells Regina that she's staying for a while, Regina openly states that she doesn't think that's a good idea and their rivalry becomes even stronger, Regina says that Emma has no idea of what she's capable of.
Regina and Emma talk about Henry, and Regina admits that she is strict but only wants what's best of him, not understanding how that makes her evil. Regina is the complete opposite of friendly to her, and becomes frustrated, even though Blanchard had no idea that Henry stole her credit card. She later appears, picking apples from her tree, when she is visited by Sidney Glass, who creates a newspaper article to make Emma Swan look bad, the front page about Emma's car crashing into the town sign. He makes a remark on her tree, to which Regina replies, satisfied, tells her despite this, she has rid the town of an unwanted nuisance, Emma Swan.
CALIFORNIA STATE MINING BUREAU, THIRTEENTH REPORT OF THE STATE MINERALOGIST FOR THE TWO YEARS ENDING SEPTEMBER 15, 1896Garlocka€™s Custom Milla€”It is at Caldwell, 30 miles North of Mojave, at 2420a€™ altitude, and has 8 stamps of 750 lbs. Maleficent insists that Regina kill her, but Regina doesn't, saying that Maleficent is her only friend.
Emma suggests that Henry thinks Regina is evil because of his Dark Curse thoery, where he thinks Dr. However, Regina isn't happy with it and threatens Sidney to keep looking for more information on her. Gold retaliates by saying that he wouldn't be so sure of that, telling her that she saw Emma and Henry walking down main street, looking thick as thieves.

When Emma finds Henry and takes him back home a second time, Regina starts to get mad at Emma, telling her to stay out of Henry's life and that he is Regina's son and not Emma's anymore. That night, Regina arranges a meeting with the darkest souls in the realm, as she needs their hairs to activate the curse.
Regina pretends not to know of this, and doesn't hesitate when Emma says that she should be leaving. Lastly, she demands that Emma leave Storybrooke, or she will destroy Emma if it is the last thing she does. Hopper hands Emma the psychological file on Henry, he calls Regina and lets her know that she has the file, the whole thing being Regina's scheme to have Emma arrested. Lastly, she presents the heart of her childhood horse, Rocinante and throws it into a fire.
However, Regina's threat makes Emma stay even longer, Emma gets a room at Granny's Bed and Breakfast. Following this, Gold lets out subtle hints that he remembers his life as Rumplestiltskin by asking where Regina picked his adoptive son's name. It is revealed that Gold gave Henry to Regina when he was a baby, and Regina accuses him of deliberately choosing Emma Swan's child.
Gnome starts laughing and being sarcastic to Regina, in which she transforms him into stone. THE LOS ANGELES DAILY TIMES, May 20, 1898THE RAND MOUNTAINThe ore from the Rand, which is milled at Garlock by the Henry, Garlock, and Visalia mills, averages considerably over $30 to the ton. Her father suggests that she visits the man who gave her the Dark Curse in the first place. Garlock has resided in Kern County for the past twenty years and was prominent a farmer at Tehachapi and as a miner on the desert.a€?The fact is that he was taken seriously ill with sore eyes at Garlock some six weeks ago and when the Masonic Club at this place discovered his condition the editor of the Miner drove down to Garlock with a team furnished by Mr.
Burcham and brought him here to the Yellow Aster Hospital where he was cared for and treated by Dr. Have a Chili mill also at the same place (Garlock), with a capacity of two tons per day.KOEHN MILLTHE CALIFORNIA (BAKERSFIELD) 10-16-96Eleven tons of ore from the Butte mine, milled at Koehna€™s last week netted the neat little sum of $1700. Two mills of ten stamps each have been running on the Wedge ore this week, one at Garlock, and the other at Koehn Springs, and with clean up tomorrow. The product of this clean will not be less than $15,000, which, with that on hand, willmake this shipment aggragate $20,000.A BENSON BROS. Elmo and on top of that fabulously rich mine a Los Angeles company calling itself the Stein Mining and Milling Company, of which J. Although the ground is scarcely dry enough yet for good work.A  Soon the big dry washers of the Stine Mining and Milling Company at St.
They are beautiful in workmanship, and at first sight would seem to be too delicate for ordinary use, but they are so nicely adjusted and so carefully fitted for the work that there is neither jar nor friction noticable as they perform their work. The concentrators are closely boxed in all the bearings and jornals, being dust-proof, and every part when in motion, running at such slow speed that there is very little wear in any portion. The end and top being covered in glass instead of wood, a full view can be had of the inside at anytime.
The building and room which contain the concentrators is a frame structure 18x36 feet in size and immediately adjoining on the east is the small enging room, 11x11 in which is located the two-horse power Foos gasoline engine, which furnished the power to run the concentrators, each concentrator requiring about one-eight of a horsepower to run it. Wood the inventor is here on the fround, and has had charge of overything connnected with it from the beginning.A  He is a New Haven Ct.
Wood has borne all expenses and experimented entirely on his own capital.A  Believing it now to be a success he organized the Wood Automatic Dry Concentrator Company, with a capital of $100,000, and J.
2.A  Fine specimens of this ore now on view at General Manager Singletona€™s office are litterally plastered all over with free gold, and in one day recently a few men took out above $3000. They have put in a new twenty-ton wagon scale, and everything is weighed as it is shipped, and weighed again when it reaches Barstow.A  A watchman accompanies each car of ore from the time it leaves here until it is placed in charge of Mr. 30 STAMP MILL (Randsburg)THE LOS ANGELES DAILY TIMES, May 20, 1898THE RAND MOUNTAINThe ore from the Rand, which is milled at Garlock by the Henry, Garlock, and Visalia mills, averages considerably over $30 to the ton.
YELLOW ASTER MINING AND MILLING COMPANYA ( Randsburg)THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN 4-16-98The Yellow Aster Mining Company has purchased the Skillinga€™s wells and pipe line , and will soon begin the erection of a mill of suitable size to do their own milling.A  The mill will not be less than thirty stamps and may be larger. Mooers, all of the Yellow Aster Mining Company, are in Randsburg for the first time in some weeks.A  Mr. Van Meter for a long time in the employee of the Union Iron Works at San Francisco.A  His first assistant is W. Van Meter has been in the employee of the company for more than two years and has planned and installed all the machinery at the different works.

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