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Widely recognised as Australia’s most successful property investor, Kevin Young founded Property Club with his wife Kathy over 22 years ago. The Property & Lifestyle Workshops are your chance to learn how Kevin Young has helped everyday Australian taxpayers invest wisely and avoid the traps that trip up “go it alone” investors. You’ll come away from these workshops with your own plan for success, a clear vision of how you can take the steps to become a Property Millionaire, and a kit of information to help you get there.
You will hear direct from our Property Researchers and find out how they can negotiate some of the best property deals using the power of numbers – exclusive to our members! Find out how to avoid the traps so many new or DIY investors make that stop them from ever buying more. And how Property Club’s unique software & strategies have already helped thousands to achieve this. Hear from a leading International Economist on the drivers that will make or break the property market and what it means for you. You’ll see how Property Club members can hold investment property for less than a cup of coffee a day!
Bring a friend or partner along to the Property & Lifestyle Workshop and you’ll get 2 tickets for the price of one!
You’ll receive Kevin’s “Book of Tips and Traps.”  It’s packed with 100 Fast Facts on how you can get the most out of Property Investing (we’ll have it ready for you on the day). The ability to create wealth and become a millionaire through sound property investment strategies requires a simple plan, guidance and action –  not luck.
Join us at the Property & Lifestyle WorkshopsProudly Presented by Property ClubBook Your Seat Now! Who hasn’t heard about people who restlessly scan the market for stocks that perform extraordinarily? The 2015 Property Investment Convention & Exhibition will transport to you the latest property investment trends and alternatives. Gain more than just know-hows, attend and discover the opportunities and threats in the property investment arena and the latest trend in property investment.
Listen and Gain Strategies from Property Heros, whereby these successful property investors started off scared and with nothing; Today they are a Multi-million dollar Property Investor.
Recognizing what are the contributing factors to escalating and decreasing property prices. While every other people are rumouring on ceasing property investment as it is currently at is lowest, let our expert present to you the Myth and Truth on why THIS IS THE BEST TIME for your to invest while others are holding back.
It is every youngster’s dream to achieve financial freedom and to retire as early as possible.
Post GST IMPACT to Property Investors With all the GST news going around, will property investors be affected in anyway? At a point of time in life, everyone has the same thought of becoming a property millionaire, IT IS POSSIBLE!
In this session, discover how will this impact urban living trends amongst the younger generation of renters and homeowners? Learn the loops and fundamentals of how to become a property millionaire by thinking like a property millionaire so that you can realistically achieve it!

If you are asking yourself ‘How do I invest in land?’, ‘Will I make big money out of it?’ – Look no further for an answer, as we will highlight to you How you CAN make money out of land investment.
Gaining the entry through FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation), Chris advised FIABCI on constitutional …. His Extensive experience includes strategic marketing consultancy to Property Developers worldwide and international properties and business valuation. Famous for his “Ho Chin Soon Maps” and his “Location Centre of Gravity (LCG)”, Ho Chin Soon has helped Home Buyers and Real Estate locations at the right time with the BEST properties from the BEST locations at the right time with the BEST Branding! There has been a concern; before the 1st of April 2015 on how the impending GST effective will impact the property sector.
Better known as Ajib Adi, born in the mid 80’s to a humble family in the village in Terengganu, Malaysia. Mr KK Wong has more than 25 years’ experience in property development and is currently the CEO of UMLand SERI AUSTIN fully in charge and responsible for the operation of awards-winning township known as SERI AUSTIN which is located in the hotspot corridor of Tebrau in Iskandar Malaysia.
The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, The When and The How to Become Infinitely Wealthy is an exploration of what it takes to achieve true wealth. Coupled with 50 years of experience in property investment, Kevin has bought and sold over 644 properties and now holds a portfolio approaching 200. With over 5000 members now in our Property Millionaires Club, you’ll get the chance to meet and talk with some of them. The quick win with 43 million to one odds or the slow and steady surety of property with Property Club support? Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. With speakers and panellist from the best of the best, emerging from nothing to being renowned property gurus, this event will be highlighting the key strategies, methods and best practices towards becoming a successful property investor- even if you don’t have adequate capital to start off with!
This is a great opportunity for anyone with close-to-none capital, but would like to join the property investment scene. How upcoming public transportation developments will elevate surrounding prices of property in near future? Learn the traits and strategy in investing in ‘low-season’ and seatback to watch your investment GROW! In this topic hear from actual Property Expert whom have achieved financial free through owning multiple properties before the age of 30! Let our real-life property millionaire share with you the strategies and the journey that he has paved for many that has become a property millionaire by walking his route! Understand your relationship with money so you can generate more at the same time increasing your self-worth! This session will guide you in the know-hows and proven strategies of investing and making BIG MONEY in land investment! Chur Associates is a boutique legal service provider that deliver friendly solution for its clients on a niche positioning from Corporate Advisory in “Legal Department Outsourcing” to “Everything Real Estate” serving the entire value chain.
Chong was called to the Bar of England & Wales as a Barrister-at-Law at Lincoln’s Inn in 2006. At a young age, he faced hardship helping his grandfather selling fruits from orchard but soon to learn that sales was one of the easiest way to make money!

With his leadership, SERI AUSTIN had to date bagged more than twenty (20) awards including recognition by IRDA as the 1st Smart Healthy City & Communities Township in Iskandar Malaysia. We prepared the most effective ways to guide, analyze and insight on property market each year.
Fill the form below and our personnel will contact you as soon as possible, or call the number below.
In just over two decades his strategies have helped over 5000 investors become property millionaires.
Discover the alternative routes there is today for newbies in property investment and understand how you will gain maximum returns with minimal output.
Learn and walk the path they’ve established towards achieving your own financial freedom by age 30! Discover the impact after implantation of GST, how and to which level property investors are affected.
How can individual homeowners leverage on the Billions of Ringgit being spend on improving and building incoming infrastructures? Ho Chin Soon- he is the best man in Malaysia’s property market analysis based on many years of research and data. After being called to the Malaysian Bar, he commenced his career as a corporate lawyer at the KL office of ZICOLaw (a regional ASEAN Law Firm) and subsequently moved into real estate related work. He further his studies in a local university while at the same time financially supporting his siblings. Just by observing the dramatic changes in an area of technology that is so far only known to insiders. Let us update you with current and upcoming opportunity and threats towards ensuring your property investment portfolio continues to grow! Hear from authorities and established veteran property investors on how to overcome the Post-GST horror. Doubtless, his passion and efforts in the property market research and mapping are well recognized by Property Investors and Home Buyers. This session will touch on import and export tax, and also GST for Residential vs Commercial.
Under the circumstances of financial disability in this family, he has never asked any financial assistance from his parents, never had the privilege to. Furthermore, PIC provide the most encouraging platform to network; who know you might find your next investment partner here! The consequences of the changes ahead of us will change our world much more than any event before.
Futuring and foresight is a leader’s responsibility to ensure that any organization not only survives but thrives in the face of what may seem like challenges but are in fact opportunities in the hiding.

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