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I think anyone who spends that much time and energy to accumulate virtual wealth deserves to be left out in the cold in the case of a real world earthquake. I think participants in Second Life who invest real money are ina similar position to someone who invests in a business (either brick & mortar, or on line). Just FYI, the title of your blog or whatever "Anshe Chung: First Virtual Millionaire" is misleading. The blend of real world time and resources invested into virtual activities is quite fascinating.
I think that just like real-world real estate, the savvy buyer will know how to risk-adjust his investment. The mantra about real-estate used to be "they are not making any more land" - but that's not the case here, where add a few hundred more servers, and we all can have palatial estates. You haven't even scratched the surface of the legal issues I believe SecondLife has been scurting. Given that a single person could accumulate such wealth, I wonder how well a team of real estate developers would perform in Second Life.
It would seem that on-line poker players who parlay an on-line tournament win into a seat at a real tournament, then proceed to win a million or more at the real tournament would also be virtual millionaires. We obviously know about the IT industry's excitement over the prospects of Second Life, and we are beginning to hear about the retail industry's initial forays as well. Some of the people here responding have alot of nerve.Do they not have any hobbies?Why are their hobbies more "important" than someone who enjoys playing a MMORPG?People who parachute, why should the courts and insurance companies be hindered with the cases of people jumping out of perfectly good airplanes?
Engaging in creative ventures inside of Second Life comes along with certain practical risks (like a real earthquake) that individuals should take into account before they decide to engage in a venture.
Given disaster recovery standards and requirements for IT shops these days, full recovery of Second Life 'assets' should be an expectation for users. I always find it interesting when people complain of virtual worlds and the amount of time, money, and energy other people invest in them. While Second Life is a very clever way to create an opportunity for those unable to accomplish the same things in the real world, I believe it is only a matter of time before the "Real World" rules and regulations apply. She bought and sold these virtual plots of land, and likely they were bought and sold a few times again after her. Wouldn't a simple disclaimer or an agreement to the terms of playing the game take care of that? I assume they could add some servers and her cool mil could be a not so cool 50k in as long as it took them to plug them in. I think the pseudo-random aspects of most games mean that Linden Labs is in violation of UIGEA.What's the difference between playing a game that is a mixture of skill and chance (like poker on PokerStars) and playing a different game that is a mixture of skill and chance (like Second Life)? I wouldn't say that I agree with a person committing their life efforts to "artificial" results, but I cannot say I disapprove of it. I love these pathetic chumps who are complaining that Second Life users aren't "buying anything real" and are "wasting your time."When you paid money to see James Bond this weekend, did you believe you were actually watching a real superspy defeat real terrorists and evildoers? SL is basically a simulation game, whether you use it just to meet people or try building a business. Do you need an real or virtual attorney to verify the property rights of the virtual properties you are buying and selling?
Developers Hothouse and publishers Eidos have gone for a very authentic feel, in an attempt to recreate the atmospheric qualities of the TV show.
As atmospheric as the game might be, remember, you are in a virtual world, and everything you win is a fantasy. Who wants to be a millionaire - Gold editionThe much loved worldwide hit TV game show now available on your Android device for free!
Developer Climax and publisher Eidos have gone for a very authentic feel in an attempt to recreate the atmospheric qualities of the TV show.

As atmospheric as the game might be, remember, you are in a virtual world, and everything you win is pure fantasy. Just like you would expect in Millionaire, you should Answer the questions and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire. Unfortunately is will probably end up being just another reason that people hurt one each other. If that business fails (or in the case of Second Life, the servers crash), well, it's a shame, but you've lost your investment. With all the sprawl, I prefer to make fake skyscrapers than contribute to urban sprawl and disposable electronics that polute our enviroment. He accumulated quite a reputation, and a small fortune in his online world, but in the process lost his realtime job. I am sure the SEC and other governmental agencies around the world have had this on their radar for some time now.
If a plot of virtual land is suddenly not there anymore, do you go back to the last seller and demand your money back? If you think about it, it's not much different than the stock market where, and correct me if I'm wrong), much of a stock's value is based on perception.
Many are critiquing the differences of those living in the "real" and those living in "fake" worlds and jumping quickly to the conclusion that something like "Second Life" is as disconnected as you can get from "real life." I think people who collect stamps are dislocated from real life.
Since these are, as mentioned in this article, convertable to US Dollars, does Second World not run afoul of the new US prohibition against online gambling?
If some virtual world wheeler-dealer thinks their virtual real-estate is more terra-firma than New Orleans they ARE living in a fantasy world. It's not a 'game' where you walk in, pay for land, and instantly the money comes rolling in. Thousands upon thousands of eager hopefuls have phoned in trying to get their chance to win a million pounds. Feel the suspense like never before as you take on the ultimate general knowledge challenge!
Thousands upon thousands of eager hopefuls have phoned in, trying to get their chance to win a million pounds. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. If these people have so much extra cash that they can throw it away on buying virtual real-estate, perhaps they should start using that money to do something good, like feed a homeless person, or donate that money to AIDS research. Should this happen, I think the corporations would want a legal assurance that they will not lose profit because a real server crashed. If so, couldn't that seller just demand their money back from the person that sold it to them and so on? To everyone whining about this being a waste of time: What exactly do you think you're wasting to come up with the judgement of OTHER PEOPLES TIME?If it make them happy, does it really matter if you approve?
Those who didn’t succeed can now live in their own illusionary world and win a virtual million pounds in this PC version of the game.
Those who haven’t succeeded as yet can now live in their own illusory world and win a virtual million in this new PS2 version of the game, complete with optional Buzz!
Could this lead to the corporate world attempting to shape the future of such online virtual realities? The islands that make up Anshe Chung's dreamland cost a pretty penny, yes, that's why she has a million dollars worth of virtual land. I've just gone through property reevaluation on my real house and if this virtual world is all it's cut out to be I might be able to my wife and kids that this is a pretty cool place. She has literally has made a "Second Life" for herself that will make her real life better than her virtual life.

But she can rent this land to people and make several hundred dollars per month per island.For other people, it's not about buying and selling land. If everyone starts with 100 Linden dollars, what prevents you from creating multiple users?
Those of you concerned about repeated questions making an appearance will have to play the game for quite some time so see them, since there are over 1000 questions in the game’s database. If you need help, you can use the famous official lifelines: Phone-A-Friend, 50:50, and Ask The Audience! In Second Life, subscribers get a tool kit that enables them to build and create an avatar (a character in the world).
Sure, some people sit down and play these games for hours at a time, but how often do you sit down to watch somebody else's life on TV as you waste away on the couch? Take on the challenge and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire! They also get a small quantity of Linden dollars to start out with, enabling the participant to buy additional tools and objects within the world itself. The latest version of the only official game on the market Graphically and technically enhanced for smoother gameplay Features all the famous lifelines including Phone-A-Friend, Ask The Audience and 50:50! Linden Lab converts currency at a floating rate that, at the moment, is about 257 Linden dollars per U.S. How many people can say the same from watching "Dancing with the Stars" or "Grey's Anatomy?"The line of reality and unreality is drawn between those who are involved in one world and not another, and critique the differences. Heck, that's so popular 'stats are published during the games!I don't do any of the above things, but, live and let live.
Play with the same sounds and interface as the real TV show!Show More xml search Relaped Apps TAP10 Wordsmith Wer Wird Millionr?
The stamp collectors and Republicans are so far removed from what I believe to be reality still have an economic impact in some way or another.
If you're just looking at the money side of things, you're being ignorant towards the rest of what SL has to offer. So regardless whether I agree, the implications and trickle down effects of other peoples' hobbies will eventually reach me.
Cut the Rope Draw Something Minecraft - Pocket Edition Fruit Ninja Asphalt 7: Heat Where's My Perry?
At the time I wrote my article in November 2005, Chung was developing private islands and setting up communities restricted to, for instance, East Asian, Victorian, or Gothic architecture, or to French-speakers, or to gays and lesbians, or to fuzzy avatars known as "furries." Because Linden Lab has added simulation servers more slowly than it has accumulated subscribers, virtual property values have soared.Why, you may wonder, do I consider Chung's achievement to be a suitable topic for a legal affairs blog? And as far as clogging the courts, I'd rather see how the courts handle artificial realty than, as per today's headline, a murder trial over a guy who shot his friend over a $20 college football bet. But, as I explained in my earlier feature story, the whole topic of buying and selling "virtual" property does raise legal issues. Some online game companies have attempted to prohibit, through click-through agreements, the real-world buying and selling of online property created by players, which the companies maintain remains the company's intellectual property--indeed, just graphical manifestations of data entered into company-owned spreadsheets on company-owned servers. Second Life, on the other hand, openly authorizes and facilitates exchanges between its currency and real-world currencies, so that particular legal issue does not arise.
Still, you might ask whether Linden Lab is courting legal liability if its servers should suddenly go down one day, destroyed, say, in some real-world earthquake, leaving Second Life denizens devoid of "property" or at least expectations in which they've invested so much real time and money.

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